Nudie Jeans Spring/Summer 2013 Sneak Preview

Nudie Jeans Spring/Summer '13 Sneak Preview

Nudie Jeans Spring/Summer ’13 Sneak Preview

Swedish denim label Nudie has come a long ways since their start in the coastal city of Gothenberg in 2001. They’ve grown to nearly a dozen different denim cuts, a full line of unisex denim, and as of Fall/Winter ’12 have made the switch to 100% organic cotton.

Head of North American PR, Ruari Mahon, gave us the chance to preview their upcoming Spring/Summer collection. Whereas Nudie of the past was all about catching your eye – bright orange stitching and loud graphic tees – their new offerings show a much more understated level of marketing and a sense of maturity within the brand.

Clean lines, simple shapes, and iconic silhouettes define Nudie‘s upcoming lineup. The newest cut on offer, Straight Alf, aims for 1950’s heritage wear with a higher rise, roomier top block, heavier “neppy” denim, and as evidenced by the name, a straight leg.

Nudie Jeans Spring/Summer '13 Sneak Preview

The “Straight Alf”

Nudie Jeans Spring/Summer '13 Sneak Preview

Their raw denim jackets now come in two varieties: the classic Conny with extensive stitching and the back pocket detail across the shoulder yoke, and the Perry, a new jacket with more minimal details.

Nudie Jeans Spring/Summer '13 Sneak Preview

Ruari with the two new jacket offerings:  “Conny”, left, and “Perry”, right.

Other pieces like their redesigned chambray shirts show pared-down details, with a much larger emphasis on fabric and drape. The angular pockets and overlock hem are reminiscent of labels like Engineered Garments.

Nudie Jeans Spring/Summer '13 Sneak Preview

Nudie Jeans Spring/Summer '13 Sneak Preview

But that playful spirit hasn’t entirely disappeared. One of the real standouts was a grey lamb suede trucker jacket with a seriously breathtaking grain. This combination of a classic design with a single novel twist in material seems to sum up Nudie’s new vision.

Nudie Jeans Spring/Summer '13 Sneak Preview

Even with this departure of sorts, Nudie hasn’t strayed too deeply into the realm of heritage wear. It may still be a tad overbranded for our taste, but it is a very big step in a fresh direction. We were impressed with the real effort and care that played into both the materials and design of each individual piece and are very excited to see where they go from here.

Keep an eye out for these pieces, plus many more, to drop in January of the new year.

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • barbosa473

    oh my god 😀 such a nice articles, i cant wait for them! specially the straight alf 😀

  • chris

    not to critique BUT this is a prime example of filler making things stale these days. I remember how-to’s and tips dominating and while those have somewhat been exhausted-maybe some reader write ups or more fades IDK (up to send in suggestions so I’m not the prick just critiquing and not offering help). The website is dope but its becoming a friday hit for 2 minutes rather than the website bookmark I’ve known to love. They’re are so many denim junkies that would love to supplement the website with material beyond w/e this is lately

    • Rawr Denim

      Great feedback, thanks Chris!

    • jeff

      Yeah I’m kind of apt to agree with Chris to an extent. No offense, but this blog has become more of a dreary news feed for raw denim lately. The really interesting articles that you guys used to be known for are getting fewer and far between. We want more interviews/features/5 things you need type of articles. And please, when you do features on products, make sure the products in question are actually still for sale.

      • Rawr Denim

        Jeff, appreciate the comments too. Aside from interviews, features, and ‘lists’, what other types of unique content would you like to see more of?

      • nudeeeez

        they already did the 5 things you need. those are already mentioned here already.

    • Kyle Brooks Robinson

      I don’t mind seeing news on a variety of denim-related subjects. I’m just tired of this blog seeming like the official propaganda arm for Naked And Famous.

      • Chris

        fairly sure one of moderators has a heavy pair of NF (a dope pair i might add) which would make the site A LITTLE bias by nature. That being said, I thought about what I had to say yesterday and after time spent on the sufu blog documenting a heavy denim comp. I had a few thoughts. First, there are so many sick denim journeys out there by SUCH DIFFERENT PPL maybe a weekly profile of forum users is an idea showing the correlating between person and denim. The whole idea of a comp. is also sick, something inclusive involving little $ spent on both ends would be ideal-maybe enter jeans with say less than 2 months wear see whats good over the next year. Finally, at this point anyone can find out whats good about what brands but maybe adding user profiles moderated by the site about brands and fits would be sick. By comparing a lot of info (different info I might add), its easy for individuals to establish trends and make assessments. Once again, the intentions of my comments are solely with the website in mind b/c its a great site.

  • chris

    don’t mind my grammar, im stuck distracted in class

  • Suss

    Articles about how denim is made, denim types, etc. are also cool and I’d love to see more of those

  • h8nudie

    nudies…the burger king of the denim world. terrible company and product.

  • nudeeeeez

    guys like the one in the above picture wear nudie.

  • Justin Wüst

    I’d be quite interested in the Thin Finn Organic Dry Heavy Selvedge and the Grim Tim Open Dry Selvedge.. don’t know what the differences would be 😉

  • Alex

    Sticking to the actual aim of this article. I’ve been waiting for a new line that replaces ‘Dry Black Coating’ but it seems rather difficult to appear in S/S 2013. The whole idea of ‘Organic’ makes me tired of waiting for the new impact on design outlines..

  • dub

    That jacket looks sick

  • pt

    the new nudie straight alf in dry ropy selvage is big shit!!!
    they say, its 13,5 oz, but its thin like paper and very flabby. a bad joke! dont buy this stuff anymore.