Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim

Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim

Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim

For those not familiar with, it is a members-only shopping website offering daily deals on a number of contemporary fashion brands.  Originally, JackThreads partnered solely with brands like Original Penguin, Vans and WESC to offer discounted merchandise to members, but in late Spring 2012, JackThreads launched their first private collection, known as Goodale.

Goodale is a casual workwear line consistent with the rest of JackThreads’ fashion aesthetic, and Adam Gianotti, the brains behind the Goodale line, kept denim heads in mind while assembling the collection.

The Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Denim jeans weigh in at a durable 14 oz., and feature details like a slotted leather logo patch meant to hang a key-laden carabiner.  Like the name suggests, the jeans taper into a skinny 14″ leg opening for a polished, tailored look appropriate for casual Friday. They are also sewn with a zip-fly in case you find yourself at happy hour after work when buttons are a bit too much.

Perhaps the best feature of the Goodale jeans is the price tag.  Originally priced at $182.00, they are currently marked down 73% and are available for a whopping $49.99 while supplies last.


  • Name: Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Denim
  • Weight: 14 oz.
  • Fit: Slim
  • Denim: Sanforized, 100% Cotton Selvedge Raw Denim
  • Price: $49.99
  • Other Details:
    • Leather attachment for carabiner (not included)
    • Zip-fly


Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim

All photos courtesy of JackThreads

Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim

Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim

Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim

Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim

Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim

Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim

Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim

Goodale Tailored Skinny Selvedge Raw Denim



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  • Dhiraj

    I want one of these in India, is it possible?

  • Nick Fitzgerald

    That patch on the pocket is horrible, please tell me it isn’t meant to stay on.

    • Koca Kaflarr

      I just ordered black slim fits from this brand and they don’t have them. This particular pair may be a diff story because it looks stitched on to me as well. :(

  • Grayson

    Wow… These are horrible the only good thing about this pair is the carabiner patch thing.

  • Robert Bradford

    Don’t like the cut of these very much.

  • Austin Ellis Sisk

    I got these in black raw and they came in yesterday. The cut is def strange. really high waist. It’s not too bad though. Denim is pretty sold, but the construction is a little questionable. The back patch thing is only attached in the 4 corners so i just removed it. i can’t imagine there being a reason to leave it on. I’d wear it off in a week anyway. I already had two of the rivets on the back pockets pop off. however they aren’t doing anything for the integrity of the things staying on. they are stitched pretty solid without those. def a bummer but not a deal breaker. That’s what you get when they aren’t hidden.

    overall: solid, heavy denim, but poor pocket rivet construction. for 49.99 though, you cannot beat it.

    • Koca Kaflarr

      Just ordered these a couple days ago they haven’t even arrived yet; this was an impulse buy because of the price and time I was working with at the moment; due to that, I didn’t get a chance to research any reviews on them. These comments really frightened me until I got to yours, because as posted, I think they were talking about this particular pair, (Tailored Skinny) yet I had ordered the black ones as you did. (Tailored Slim cut though) This kinda put it all in perspective for me as I knew I wasn’t getting super hi quality such as a pair of Flat Heads or D’Artisans ( but I figured they would be just as you stated above, more or less a pretty good pair of jeans for the price paid. Everything sounds ok minus the rivet loss, hopefully that doesn’t happen, because I plan to make these a heavily worn pair for a fade process. Would you recommend that I go forth with doing so? I see that you posted 8 mons ago, have you washed or soaked them since then? I would appreciate if you would give me some more info thanks. :)

  • Vadim

    When I first saw them on JackThreads I was really interested. I mean, $49.00 for Selvedge… But they sold out of my size. Finally, they restocked (they do often) and I ordered a pair.

    Man oh man, I got them a week and a half later and returned them the SAME day. I was really disappointed with the quality. The rivets were on poorly, they honestly seamed thinner than 14oz, the indigo had bled in some spots and worst of all they already had pre-distressed whiskers on them. THAT was the tipping point for return.

    You get what you pay for and I’ve learned that. Save the 50$ for a pair of nice selvedge.

  • Nathan Soy

    DON’T GET THESE. Returned these in the quickness.

  • Raw Penis Lover

    The cut of these jeans are terrible, they fit like shit at first. After a week of wearing they fit better though. For $50, I like them a lot. Had I paid more, id prob return them. I would def buy another pair, but I prob wont. Id feel better spending more money on quality.

  • Alex

    I would of bought these until I saw the comments. Thanks guys.

  • JoeJoe

    Price went up to $59.. pretty expensive considering poor quality from china. These are probably costing them $17 a pair to manufacturer. Not buying these again.

  • Paul Casey

    ok, just got these in “Straight”. Plenty Skinny–in fact, selvedge does better with a wee bit more room. Closet those weener snappers, for shite’s sake. These jeans are a good deal for 59 bucks. No, they are not 15oz Japanese denim. However, they do look the part. Let’s see how they hold up. Again, “Straight” is plenty slim/skinny. Holding them next to my Taylor Stitch pair reveals the weight difference and some construction trade offs. But hey, for 1/3 the price they’ll do nicely.

  • Jay M.

    I ordered a pair of these in indigo raw a few weeks ago and just got them. I’m not sure if they recut them and started monitoring production better but the pair I got are extremely well built. They’re cut similar to Levis 511’s, have a very nice looking red selvedge line and the rivets are super high quality. There was also no patch on the back pocket, just the leather patch for the carabiner which seems to be made of a nice sturdy leather. The denim definitely seemed to be 14oz. I was extremely impressed, especially for $59.

  • Bryan

    I just got mine in. They def are not a thick and meaty selvedge, but they look really good. I wish there was more give between the legs though, as mine will take some time to stretch out.

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  • Tafson

    Got these from Jackthreads, after reading the comments I thought I was going to do an instant-return. Turned out excellent. Everything was buttoned down nice and solid, the jeans were not already-faded, and the stitching looked on point throughout. Although I’m a little large right now to really break them in properly (damn you holiday food) I am quite pleased. I guess its all about the luck of the draw!

  • Ryan

    Not raw indigo. I have had 3 pairs mostly because try are cheap. And they don’t return cash for their other bad products. They don’t fit correctly. The first 2 pair I got where a tapered leg and the skinny fit. Bothe are in fact the exact same cut.