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rue + stateTowards the end of our last denim giveaway, we hinted at a sister project that was in the pipeline and would be launching in July. Despite being delayed with several snags and setbacks, I am now pleased and excited to announce the store launch of rue + state!

Initially carrying select brands, the shop’s vision is to connect you with finely curated menswear and products that are simple, functional, and rich in story. Raw denim is a natural fit with this mission and the only offering; but the aim is to expand into numerous other categories with compatible products.

rue + state | Menswear And Products With Minimal Design, High Utility

rue + state |


Also, while focusing on minimal, utilitarian items is easily understood by most, the last criterion of “story” is not entirely lucid. What rue + state seeks to accomplish is thoroughly researching and showcasing each collection including how each line came to fruition, who the founders are, and what the driving creative process is.

In doing so, the store will not only serve as a resource to better understand each brand, but also help you detect the signal from the noise. Brands currently carried include: 3sixteen, Iron Heart Railcar Fine Goodsand Unbranded.

rue + state brands - 3sixteen, Iron Heart, Railcar Fine Goods, Unbranded

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