United Stock Dry Goods Narrow Fit – Denim Review

To be perfectly honest, there are a few brands that are ubiquitous with the term “entry-level raw denim.” A.P.C., Nudies, Unbranded and Naked & Famous tend to be the major names in discussions of sub-$200 selvedge denim. Luckily, that category has a new contender – United Stock Dry Goods.

United Stock Dry Goods Narrow Fit - Denim Review

United Stock gave us the chance to sample a pair of the Canadian brand’s Narrow Fit from their upcoming fall line, and other brands have reason to worry. Featuring 12.5 oz. Japanese redline selvedge denim, construction in the U.S. of A., and a price tag of $135, United Stock Dry Goods is one of the biggest bangs for your buck in raw jeans today.

The brand offers three cuts:  Classic (regular straight), Narrow (slim fit), and Slight (skinny fit). We found the Narrow to be a very flattering cut with ample room in the top block and a nice tapered silhouette reminiscent of Levi’s 511 cut.

United Stock Dry Goods Narrow Fit - Denim Review

United Stock Dry Goods Narrow Fit - Denim Review

The cuts were designed by Sydney Mamame, United Stock‘s co-founder who previously worked as a bespoke tailor. His experience shows as the jeans fit well, while still allowing a good range of motion.

United Stock Dry Goods Narrow Fit - Denim Review

For reference, David is 6’1″, 165lbs.

United Stock Dry Goods Narrow Fit - Denim Review

United Stock Dry Goods Narrow Fit - Denim Review

The 12.5 oz. Japanese selvedge has a clean and even hand even though the weave is kind of gauzy. It’s nice that there are some subtle imperfections in the fabric and out of the box they are slightly hairy, but the otherwise uniform denim is perfect for a first pair of raws.

United Stock Dry Goods Narrow Fit - Denim Review

The weave and their medium weight makes them easy to wear year-round.  The indigo is also good and dark, suggesting the possibility for high contrast fades with extended wear. Creases were already forming after two days with lots of folds in the honeycombs.

The contrast stitching is solidly constructed with primarily single-needle work reinforced by bar tacks. United Stock also makes the extra effort to add a chain-stitched hem and double chain-stitch on the waist, details normally seen on higher-end vintage denim.

Detail-wise,United Stock takes a subtle and understated approach. The only thing that sticks out is the exposed selvedge ID coin pocket, something we could have done without, but with Japanese selvedge at that price you can’t blame them for showing it off.

United Stock Dry Goods Narrow Fit - Denim Review

There are many other vintage-inspired touches as well, like the donut button fly, bar-tacked back pockets, a stamped leather patch, and the chain stitching. The hardware is done in a bright nickel finish, which stands out from the dark indigo. A year from now, its expected that the nickel will tarnish and the denim will fade nicely into complimentary tones.

United Stock Dry Goods Narrow Fit - Denim Review

United Stock Dry Goods seems to really get it. In a market where dozens of small denim studios try to differentiate themselves with gimmicks, this young company sets itself apart by making a minimalist jean from high quality materials, constructing it very well, and offering it for a good price.

This formula may not be new, but it’s a standard for a reason. This pair may not have the most personality of the market, but at this price point one could do a lot worse. If you’re at all considering Nudies, A.P.C. or other jeans at this level, do yourself a favor and check these out as well.

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/emmet.potter Emmet Potter

    Been wearing a pair of these for around 5 months now, and the fades are already showing signs of greatness. I’ll submit pictures at around the one year mark. I would highly recommend this brand for fit and denim quality, although I have not been wearing them for long enough to truly comment on their durability or construction quality.

    • oilpit

      You should submit some pics for a fade friday! I’d love to see how your pair looks after 5 months, this brand has a lot of potential imo

  • frank sil

    i recently bought a pair of their raw jeans and a shirt from Odin in New York – my new fav brand – they are amazing…great job…

  • Ralph Elliott

    Yes I to would like to a 5 month update on these jeans. $135 is a good price if they fade well.

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  • Ollistre

    Does anyone know where can I get these in nyc?

    • stevie


  • Grazfather x

    Those look pretty solid. Maybe a little high in the back-rise.

  • Brandon Bubar

    What are the pocket bags like?

    • David

      They’re an unbleached white cotton, no real distinguishing features. I wish they had been like an inch deeper.

  • Kevin

    Do these jeans stretch significantly?

  • Alan

    Whats the colour of your jeans that you bought?
    Was wondering should i get narrow or classic fit as i have slightly bigger thighs
    Am wearing a nudie grim tim tagged W31.
    My true waist is 32in and the top block of my thigh is 24in.


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  • Chuck

    I have a pair I have been wearing for a while, and they are just ok. First, the sowing on the button wholes is very lose- it make the fly easy to come undone. Second, after only about four months of 3 times a week wear, on average, the patch is already coming off. Workmanship is spotting on this pair, although overall the jeans look decent.