Warehouse Indigo Rope Dyed Heavyweight T-Shirt – Just Released

Warehouse T-Shirt - Indigo Rope Dyed Pocket Tee

Warehouse Indigo Rope Dyed Pocket T-Shirt – Just Released

Around this time of the year, one doesn’t need to go far to hear the grumbling of what a pain raw denim is. As the material does not always agree with the hot and sticky months of summer, it’s always interesting to see what solutions pop up (such as the recently released, lightweight The Hill-Side and Co. Highrider Selvedge).

While not raw denim per se, New York denim purveyors, Blue In Green, have also taken the queue and offered a special line of Warehouse heavyweight t-shirts; including a Indigo Rope Dyed model. As opposed to the more common and cost-effective approach of dyeing a finished, cotton white t-shirt, Warehouse chose to have the cotton yarns indigo rope dyed prior to weaving.

While Blue in Green wasn’t able to confirm the long-term fading results, they did say it will lose it’s color overtime. However, if you love the design but are concerned about the bleeding effects, there are three other versions available.


  • Name: Warehouse Co. Indigo Rope Dyed Pocket T-Shirt
  • Material: 100% cotton, indigo rope-dyed (prior to weaving)
  • Price: $145.00
  • Available at: Blue In Green

Photos (Source: blueingreensoho.com)

Warehouse T-Shirt - Indigo Rope Dyed Pocket Tee

Warehouse T-Shirt - Indigo Rope Dyed Pocket Tee

Warehouse T-Shirt - Indigo Rope Dyed Pocket Tee

Warehouse T-Shirt - Indigo Rope Dyed Pocket Tee

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  • Davil

    $150 tshirt wtf…not like you can wear it every day. May as well get some selvedge.

  • Matt

    I’m all for paying a bit more for quality stuff but this is absolutely ridiculous. It’s a t-shirt.

    • Pete

      You can get other t-shirts for approximately $400, so this is nothing compared to those t-shirts

      • Matt

        Yes, I realize everything is relative. It’s still $150 for a pocket t-shirt.

      • Pete’s Pimp

        Yes, and some houses cost $70 million… so what’s wrong with buying a $15 million house? Your logic is so flawed it makes middle schoolers laugh.

  • Zach

    while i see where you guys are coming from, and i wouldn’t pay $150 for a t-shirt, it’s quality over quantity. it’s not like you’re buying a Hanes undershirt. You need basic pieces you can wear 2-4 times a week and have them be dependable.

  • critic

    you need some better writers

  • quoise1203

    Why are you all complaining so much? Certainly it costs a lot more than a basic t-shirt from hanes or even American Apparel, but it’s not exactly made with the same materials and construction either. You may not be willing to spend $150 on a t-shirt, but surely you people, as visitors of a website dedicated to high-end raw denim, a segment hardly understood by the general public, would be able to understand how somebody could appreciate a garment such as this t-shirt.

    Saying “it’s just a t-shirt” is the same thing is somebody saying “it’s just a pair of jeans” when they find out you paid $325 for your Samurais instead of $50 for a pair of Levi’s STF.

  • jon

    I would love to have one. Wonder how soft it is, but at that price point I don’t think I could pick one up. Can you guys actually feel the difference in a standard T and a loopwheeled one?

  • heh

    “Material: 100% cotton, indigo rope-dyed (prior to weaving)” *PRIOR TO K-N-I-T-T-I-N-G!

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