Fade Friday – Tellason Ankara “Woodlands” (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday - Tellason Ankara "Woodlands" (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday – Tellason Ankara “Woodlands” (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Following the success of his Strike Gold SG2109 jeans, our friend Matthew Neidich is back with something a little lighter; this time in a pair of Tellason Ankaras.

These particular jeans were released in a 14.75 oz., red-line selvage from Cone Denim’s White Oak plant in North Carolina. The San Francisco-based jeansmaker previously produced the vast majority of their jeans 12.5 oz, blue-line selvage, making this new option a pleasant surprise.

As part of the release, Tellason created a limited-edition version of the jeans in partnership with The Woodlands Shop in Portland, Ore. For the last eight months, Matthew has been wearing the second of eight pairs in this limited-edition run. The jeans still have tons of life left in them, and should get even better in time.


  • Name: Tellason Ankara for The Woodlands Shop
  • Weight: 14.75 Oz.
  • Fit: Wide-Legged Straight, Mid-Rise
  • Denim: Sanforized, 100% Cotton Cone Denim Red-Line Selvage
  • Length of Wear: 8 Months
  • Number of Washes: 1 Wash
  • Other details:
    • Limited run of 8 pairs
    • Full-grain saddle leather patch from Tanner Goods
    • Natural canvas pocket bags
    • Half-lined back pockets

 Photos – Before


Fade Friday - Tellason Ankara "Woodlands" (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday - Tellason Ankara "Woodlands" (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday - Tellason Ankara "Woodlands" (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Photos – After

Fade Friday - Tellason Ankara "Woodlands" (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Eight months have produced medium-contrast fading with the promise of nice vertical falling with additional wear.

Fade Friday - Tellason Ankara "Woodlands" (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday - Tellason Ankara "Woodlands" (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Tellason uses black donut buttons for the fly on their jeans, which fade to copper with wear.

Fade Friday - Tellason Ankara "Woodlands" (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday - Tellason Ankara "Woodlands" (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday - Tellason Ankara "Woodlands" (8 Months, 1 Wash)

Matthew Neidich

Matt is the founder of Wefty + Mash, a blog focused on the appreciation of high-quality, small-scale production of men's clothing and other items. As a proponent of the Slow Fashion, Matt believes that most of the best results come with patience. He lives in Portland, Ore., where he enjoys cooking, walking, camping and biking.

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  • SaladHead

    The fading so far looks pretty much like the fading on my Dr. Denim Treegers. I’ve worn mine for 8 months with 2 washes and 1 rinse though.

    Also, where would one find a belt like the one in the picture? Looks damn nice.

    • http://www.gilt.com/invite/tman916 Thomas

      Epaulet, Corter Leather, Tanner Goods, Naked and Famous; to name a few.

    • http://about.me/mneidich Wefty

      The belt is from Tanner Goods, but it won’t look like that off the shelf. I have been wearing this one for almost a year and a half, and it started in a light, natural leather. The color develops over time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/biffro Greg McCartney

    These are great jeans, I bought a pair of the red-line Ankaras myself, but IMO you’ve washed them way too early.

    • http://about.me/mneidich Wefty

      These photos were taken immediately before the first wash, and it’s often hard to tell if you’re washing too early until after you’ve already washed them. In this case, I think I washed at the right time, and with the right method, for these jeans.

      I did a mild, hand-wash in the sink with Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap. Every single crease stayed put, which means that the wash was delicate enough to preserve the indigo while simultaneously allowing some of the grime to wash off. Every jean is different, and every person is different.

      My opinion is that, if you want your jeans to last, you should wash them at the right moment for the fabric and your personal wearing habits.

      • vespajg

        The before pics were taken immediately before the first wash??

        • http://about.me/mneidich Matthew Neidich

          Yes. I’ll have some new pictures up soon. But be warned; the jeans now feature a good bit of paint and some additional holes from various household tasks. We bought an old house, so these jeans became my painting, hammering and yard-work attire.

  • swiss-jeansfreak

    Great pictures showing perfect fading structures on them. Of course, tons of life are still left in them. Would love to see any updates from them in one and two years from now

  • RJ

    What shoes are you wearing?

    • http://about.me/mneidich Matthew Neidich

      Those be the Camp Boot in blue Chromexcel leather from Oak St. Bootmakers in Chicago. They use Chromexcel leathers from the Horween Factory in Chicago, and manufacture their shoes in Maine. They run big, so if you pick up a pair, size down.

  • Max

    Hey I’m actually thinking about getting Tellason Ankaras. How would you say they stretch and how much did you size down (if at all)? My waist is a 32-33 and I wear 33’s because I have big thighs, but I’m thinking of getting a 32 or 31 even. I’d like to end up with the look you have in the pictures (not a tight/skinny look at all) over time. Do you have any advice for sizing?

    • petesearson

      Hey Max,
      Pete here from Tellason. The Ankara runs very true to size so You should try the size 32. I bet you would be happy with the fit straight away. The jeans in the photos are made with the 14.75 oz stuff we use and keeps its shape very well. If you need or want them hemmed (if you get them), send them our way and we will take care of it at the factory for free. Let me know if you have any other concerns.

      • max

        Great, thanks! I’ll definitely email you if I have another question (trying to decide between the Ankaras and JGM’s).

      • Texachris

        I am getting the Ankaras in 12.50 oz and was wondering how much the jeans will stretch in the waist compared to the 14.75 oz? The 32s were about 1.25″ too big in the waist and the 31s are a bit snug. Hoping the 31s stretch a bit.

  • Texachris

    Fantastic job on this, Matthew! How do you like the fit now that they are truly broken in?

    • http://about.me/mneidich Matthew Neidich

      The fit on these jeans is fantastic. Right now, they are in need of some repair and are stained with paint from some recent house-work that we did. I’ll be sewing some new patches in the crotch and on the knee, but I’d say that the fit exactly how I wanted them to, and they feel amazing to wear. I also picked up a pair of the Tellason Gustave in 16.5oz denim last week, which I’ll be breaking in over the next year or so.

  • http://jeffsingerphotography.com/ Jeff Singer

    I just bought a pair of the standard Ankaras. I had the John Graham Mellors but the thighs were too tight. So far I’m liking these.

    I like the “wallet clip”… who makes it?

    • http://weftyandmash.com/ Matthew Neidich

      Hello Jeff, and thanks for the question. the clip comes from Tanner Goods in Portland, Ore. In fact, my belt, clip and wallet are all from them. While the clip is designed for a wallet, I use it for my keys because I can tuck them in my pocket, but easily fish them out by pulling on the leather. I’ll have to do a write-up of the leather stuff next.

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  • Loki

    Yeah, it’s the same with mine. I have the gustave-fit. I also think it looks very strange!!

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