PRACT Denim’s Japan Trip Pt. 2 – Japan Blue Group

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PRACT Denim's Japan Trip Pt. 2 - Japan Blue Group

This is a guest post from our friend Dandy Harun, the owner of Indonesian denim label PRACT.

On a recent trip to Japan, Dandy visited a number of denim factories and brand headquarters to learn more about the world of denim. During his visit to the denim mecca of Kojima, Dandy spoke with Yoko Miyake of Rampuya dye-factory and Tatsushi Tabuchi of Momotaro Jeans. Here is the video he made of his visit with them.

(Make sure you check out Part 1. of this series, in which Dandy interviews the owner of Double Volante!)

Stay Raw!

– Sean
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Dandy is the owner and designer behind PRACT and calls home to Jakarta, Indonesia. He has spent much time exploring various parts of Asia meeting and learning from numerous brands; all in an effort to further and develop PRACT.

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