Naked & Famous “Dirty Fade” Selvedge Denim – Just Released

Just Released - Naked & Famous "Dirty Fade" Selvedge

Just Released – Naked & Famous “Dirty Fade” Selvedge

We all love a pair of beat-to-hell-and-back jeans. You know, the jeans that look like they got dragged through the mud, climbed over mountains, ran through a warzone and somehow managed to stay in (approximately) one piece. Yeah, those jeans.

The problem is, to get that dusty, “years of dirt, sweat & trouble” look with most jeans can be a pretty grungy affair. Luckily, Montreal-based Naked & Famous has your back. If you’re after dirty-looking denim fades, but don’t want to walk around like Pigpen from Charlie Brown, look no further than N&F’s new “Dirty Fade” Selvedge jeans.

Using beige-cored, indigo-dyed cotton threads the denim will gradually fade to a beige colour, instead of the usual white, resulting in a simulated “dirty” fade. Needless to say, we’re definitely interested in seeing how these turn out.


  • Name: Naked & Famous Dirty Fade Selvedge
  • Weight: 14.5 Oz.
  • Fit: Skinny Guy (Skinny Fit) & Weird Guy (Slim Tapered Fit)
  • Denim: 100% Cotton, Beige-Core, Indigo-dyed Japanese Selvedge
  • Available at: Tate+Yoko

PHOTOS (Courtesy of Tate+Yoko)

Just Released - Naked & Famous Dirty Fade Selvedge Skinny Guy

Just Released - Naked & Famous Dirty Fade Selvedge Skinny Guy

Just Released - Naked & Famous Dirty Fade Selvedge Skinny Guy

Just Released - Naked & Famous Dirty Fade Selvedge Skinny Guy

Just Released - Naked & Famous Dirty Fade Selvedge Skinny Guy

Just Released - Naked & Famous Dirty Fade Selvedge Skinny Guy

Stay Raw!

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  • Red

    similar concept to the SG2109’s… just with a slight twist… does anyone else feel that the Naked and Famous do too many novelty type denims?

    • sammie

      big time. im so over this brand…id say its been outdone by other better brands like APC, Nudie, United

      • jus schilling

        they shot themselves in the foot, essentiallly.. theyll probably get rich quick off dumbass little kids.. make not washing your jeans a bigger fad than it already has been.. and play themselves out with the trend hopping crowd that they target.. eventually.. id rather be seen in a pair of nudies, i think, at this point than ANYTHING by n&f.. and thats saying a lot.. plus, nudies was/is able to maintain some sort of longevity and respect.. i dont forsee this happening for n&f..
        also, rawrdenim.. every other article on here is on n&f nuts.. do you ever do any write ups, like, on say- evisu, and be like “yo, these jeans just flat out fckn suck”.. or is every pair/brand all good?
        buy denim, wear em out.. period.. fck cheating it.. fck the dumb shit..

        • b33f

          The wash may be labeled “Dirty Fade,” but it’s still quality raw denim that requires long period of wear in order to get the desired effect. No one is cheating the wash by buying these pair of jeans. You’re not going to get the intended fade if you don’t wear them; It’s not like you buy them and they are already broken in. At about $150 for a pair of 14.5 oz raw denim, I must say that’s a pretty good purchase, compared to other brands that cost the same or even more (nudie slim jim for example, ~11 oz) that get ripped and torn apart after a prolonged period of wear. We want good color fading, but at the same time heavy durability.

  • Anthony Savoy

    Been wearing mine a week so far. No sign of beige yet but not much fading has occured. Nice stiff fabric. Glad they offered these in Slim Guy

  • jim

    this is awesome!!! i will def get myself a pair since brown is my favorite color..and it would be interesting to the brown fading over the indigo dye. AWESOME JOB done by naked & famous..

  • Broseph_gordon_levitt

    At least NF is doing something new with denim instead of the same old vintage levi’s clones that most brands are doing.

    • b33f

      Agree. If you don’t like it, then don’t wear it. I’m Curious as to how this pair will break in. Just bought one two days ago. Going to cycle between this and the deep indigo selvedge. So far, I would have to say N&F is much better than APC and Nudie, both of which rip too easily.

      • jus schilling

        yeah, just wait..

        • b33f

          haven’t ripped in 6 months, whereas the Nudie I had ripped after 2 months in the crotch. Wait for what?

      • greg

        can you somehow post a picture of how your dirty fades are doing?

    • Jon Lukacek

      I don’t see anything new here. I just see “more” like fast-food offers “more for less”. Make something “better” then you’ve really started something new and important.

  • Salvatore Russo

    I think people who don’t like N&F should just not buy them..I mean by u blasting this company a kid that normally would buy em might not because some guy on here who he may think knows whats cool to wear says so. I mean u wouldnt walk up to some kid on the street and say u look like shit would u. These kids can only afford to buy N&F and just because u can afford to drive around in the Ferrari of denim doesnt mean everyone can. $140 is a great price point for kids and N&F if thats what they want then thats what they want. I wear Iron Heart jeans ($500) pair but I wont talk shit about another brand cause i think i am ultra coool. Woman say shyt like some of u dorks. I should say I don’t plan on buying N&F but i certainly won’t ruin it for some kid by saying N&F is a fad and basically ur a herb if u buy fades..Blah blah blah i am the coolest man around cause i wear Evisu LMAO..See what the guy who wears Balmain is saying about ur Evisu or my Iron Heart

    • jus schilling

      wooooow 500 dollar iron heart.. cool dood.. my evisus? haha.. no. worse than the mockery n&f makes of “raw japense denim” from “prestige mill”, is the coat tail bishes the brand has recently acquired.. $140 is by no means cheap.. and other than that, you basically made all my points for me.. its a fad, etc.. i cant afford a pair of 500 dollar jeans, but what i could do is direct the kid whos interested in raw denim (and not fad) into a pair thats not a fucking joke and in the same price range.. im allowed to speak my peace and blast who ever.. because blogs/write ups never do.. youre allowed to talk about ferraris, 500 dollar jeans, and things that girls say.. i could care less, man..

      • b33f

        Go preach somewhere else; Especially with that tone, no one is going to take you serious. You’re right, no one could care less.

        • b33f


        • jus schilling

          was well aware i was rolling into fanboy territory.. wasnt expecting to have anyone HERE be like, “word, man”.. but youre right, this is a pointless convo/arguement.. if jeans that give a pretend (toy) look of being dirty (which is why they eventually get a wash) is your scoop, cool..

          • b33f

            To be honest, I couldn’t care less about the “dirty fade” effect or whatever the desired effect of this new pair of jeans. I bought them because they the wash/color looked nice and it had an abrasive feel on the outside. Finally, they are priced decently given their weight (14.5 oz)

          • jus schilling

            cant argue w/ you there.. ive said from the get that they do look like a nice pair, especially in the photos w/ somebody wearing them.. ive had my own bad personal experiences w/ n&f.. more than a couple.. thats just one reason for my position.. but i still think that the “for the price” thing is up for debate.. not my money, so not my call..

          • b33f

            What went wrong with your N&F? I’d like to hear. So far so good for me. The other brand (nudie), their jeans tend to not be as durable as the 14-15 oz of N&F. I used to wear lightweight denim so after switching to N&F, I’ve been quite impressed with the durability. If everything goes well as advertised, I might even continue to venture into heavier denim, 21oz+.

          • jus schilling

            construction issues.. ive had pairs fall apart in no time.. i could write essays.. but n&f is already playing itself out.. so ill shutup and let it do its job..
            nudies blow out too soon, usually.. apcs stretch a lot, etc..

  • Salvatore Russo

    My nudies after 2 washes are thinner than a a slice of cheese…I love their fits though. I think the dirty idea is brilliant. Its not like u are buying pre faded shit or like N&F gave u some sand paper with ur jeans…I mean all they did is make the yarn beige. BIG DEAL Cool Moe Dee’s

    • b33f

      I think the wash is cool looking. The outer fabric has an abrasive feeling to it, and I’m curious as to how it will turn out after about 6 months. Wish it was at least 15 oz. But no complaint. That’s why they have the elephant 2.

  • Bottles

    I don’t understand the hate on all of N&F’s “novelty jeans.” What else do you want them to do, produce 12 pairs of each cut with denim weight ranging from 10-22 ounces and no other discernible differences? One of the big things N&F has going for them is that they keep releasing interesting products while still holding up a level of quality that is unarguably (though I know this will be argued with anyways) fantastic considering the price point.

    Besides, it’s not like releasing a pair of scratch and sniff jeans somehow made your indigo/indigos suddenly drop in quality.

    • Ryan Hunt

      i agree! im somewhat new to raw denim and ever since i started reading forums and such theres always a large section that hates on N&F for having a little fun. i mean they are a business after all, and selling jeans that you arent supposed to wash to the general public is not an easy task. Speaking of which, why is it such a bad thing that more people are trying out raw denim, if they like it theyll stick with it and probably try out one of the more respected brands, and if they dont then one of the more respected brands wasnt wasted on them (in the eyes of the hardcore N&F hating denimhead) if anything it just seems like a bunch of people that are upset that their little secret got out.

      • jus schilling

        i voted you up, because i like your attitude.. but you are misinformed, so i will say this and step..
        im by no means a vet or some kind of expert, but..
        there is no “secret”.. ive lived all over the states the past few years, and id be damned if every other kid on the street wasnt in a pair of nudies or apc..
        secondly, i dont know a single person who wants to keep the raw denim “secret” to themselves.. most people who get into it, actually become pretty obsessed,and want to see all of their friends in a pair, more than happy to educate people on what they know whenever its possible..
        and i do hope that you do stick with it.. and in return, hopefully inspire others around you to get into a pair of their own..
        i dont think thats where the hating comes from..

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  • Anthony Savoy

    Never knew there was so much hate towards this company. I have a few pairs of N&F and one pair of Unbrandeds. This company introduced me to raw denim. I spend $500 plus on handmade shoes(that will last for 20 yrs), but never on a pair of jeans. I will admit ive never owned Iron Heart or Samuirai….but i never plan 2. Their price point is just at a level that i would feel like a sucker spending that kind of money on jeans. My grandparents(who’s generation was a hell of a lot smarter than this one) would roll over in their graves. I think N&F clearly illustrates that a well made pair of jeans doesn’t need to cost $500. At some point you are paying for status and the product itself has become a secondary concern.

    I think its great that N&F doesn’t take itself so seriously. Scratch and sniff denim has nothing to do with heritage or quality, and its not for me….but i still think its cool that a company actually offered them.

    I say, the more companies, producing the more styles of raw denim, the merrier. This increased demand should drive production cost down, making Raw more affordable for all of us.

  • G-EAZY

    OMG these are cool!!!!! I want 3 pairs!

  • jon

    i know the post are a lil old but gotta say NF is pretty decent. I think their prices are pretty average for a decent pair. I understand you can get jeans for half price at the mall but you can’t really beat NF in the price range. They could deff step up their quality control tho..making sure there are no loose threads that are 3 ft long balled up in the pant leg…making sure the stitching is complete..or just making sure the sew lines are straight. Those are little details that I look at in pair of jeans that they have fucked up on but the small things shows if they really care how the item was put together.

    But really, if you don’t like em..don’t buy em.

  • IlIl//\oakIey

    Hello guys, do you think these jeans are similar to the n&f x green in blue jeans? also is there any good size guide for naked & famous? i’m getting a headache trying to find measurments on skinny guy and wierdguy.

    • Rawr Denim

      We will put together a sizing guide soon!

    • BitchAssNiggaKilla

      Skinny guys for the most part are one size higher than the tag (32=33,34=35)

      Weird guys are usually two sizes (32=34,34=36, etc.)

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