Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x Blue in Green Weird Guy (16 months, 1 wash)

Fit pictures after 16 months

Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x Blue in Green Weird Guy (16 months, 1 wash)

I realized that I’ve just hit the 16 months mark with my jeans a couple of days ago. Time for an update on my dear Naked and Famous x Blue in Green jeans, or as I affectionately call them: BiGxNF.

It’s truly humbling that these jeans got so much attention since the 9.5 month update, giving it the most views of all the Fade Fridays in 2011! I hope this update strikes a chord with you as the previous one. I’m planning to wear these for a full two years for the Heavyweight Denim competition leaving me 8 months left with these jeans.

Feel free to check out the 9.5 month update to refresh your memory.


  • Name: Naked & Famous Denim x Blue in Green Rigid Deep Indigo Selvedge
  • Weight: 21 oz.
  • Denim: 100% Cotton
  • Fit: Low rise, tapered legs (Weird Guy cut)
  • Length of Wear: 16 months and counting
  • Number of washes: 1 wash at the one year mark

Photos – BEFORE:

The stock fit pictures from Naked and Famous. I just noticed that the fit here (Brandon as model?) is pretty close to my fit. Awesome.

Fit pictures - Before. To this day, I don't know how the colours pop out so well. No colour editing - not much of a fan of that stuff, but I do see its purpose.

 Photos – AFTER

Fit pictures after 16 months

Fit pictures After/Current. I think one of the funnest parts of the before/after pictures is when you open both pictures in tabs and switch back and forth. Try it! So fun.

The blank black enamel button is showing some wear! The wear is pretty much where the button hole daily rubs against the button upon opening. Otherwise, the enamel is stuck on there pretty well.

Indigo dye is definitely running low.

One additional update to the back shot is that I've started putting my wallet in my back right pocket. I use to always put my wallet in my jacket or bag to keep the pockets clean, but it's just not as convenient in the warmer months. I figure I started doing this in February or so.

Note the formation of the tears around the crotch region. Not repairing it right away: Character or craziness? It's probably not really visible here, but I've been stuffing my change/coins in my coin/watch pocket. You can see more wear going on in that region than its neighbour on the opposite side. Details, right?

Fraying starting to occur at the crotch. I should get on that. Also, note the wallet.

Knees don't get too much love in the denim world, so I'm letting it have their moment in the Sun. Note the fraying on the side seams and the start of a hole just under the knee. I kinda don't want it to fully tear, but we'll see how I feel later on.

The fraying on the right knee has a friend on the left knee as well! It's all fun and games with these jeans.

You can see the wear and tear where the 'combs meet the knees.

I always notice that the 'combs always get some fraying between the creases after washing the jeans. Nonetheless, I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.

I rolled the cuff one more time since the last update - gotta show some sock or skin, right? Gotta love the beige weft too.

Selvedge detail with a bit of tear on the side.

Denim tearing at the cuff - I still don't fully understand the logic there. Sharp creasing putting undue stress on the warp thread and splitting it in half? The other tear at the inseam makes a lot of sense: super heavy and thick 21 oz. denim overloading the threads and pulling them apart. That's partially why I cuffed it once more - the threads came completely off at the previous inch. Repairing was no use because the doubled up thickness of the denim broke a couple sewing needles.

I like how the detail of the denim weave pattern and fading is pretty visible. Note the warp threads' absence at the corner or the pocket and along the inner part. Exciting, eh?

If Jacob Davis never innovated with the rivets at these points, we'd never have the jeans we know today. Well, it probably would've been created eventually, and these N&Fs don't have rivets at this point, but you get my point.

Indigo-dyed leather patch. It was a dark green/indigo to start and it's been lightening up over time. I imagine the dyed faded out like it does with the denim.

I'm sure people have asked or thought about asking how bad the crotch tears get. This is part of your answer. Do note that I was pretty slow on repairing the holes because 21 oz denim break my sewing machine needles. Bah!

You thought that the holes in the previous photo were bad? Well, I apologize in advance for showing this, but I wanted to show how dedicated I am to wearing these jeans and how I constantly many different times I've repaired them. That being said, these weren't the cleanest repairs, but they do the job. They would benefit from some darning. haha. My jeans live to fight another day! 😀

Thanks for joining along for the ride! Keep rocking your jeans, and look forward to seeing these at the 24 month mark!

Stay Raw!

– Josh

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Well known for his 15 month Nudies Jeans denim experiment in 2010, Josh is a raw denim enthusiast, tennis fan, and foodie from Edmonton, Canada.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/andremaduro Andre Maduro

    Not a big fan of tears and holes but your jeans look really really awesome! I’m surprised with how much of the indigo dye came off with only 1 wash in 16 months. I’m sort of new to raw denim, but I’m wondering what sort of activity or work you do, or what’s your daily routine to get them so beat up and running low on the dye?

    • Joshua Le

      I’m still a student, but I’ve done the typical “hardcore” denim stuff. I bike, hike, sleep-in, study, jog, walk to name a few activities. Just wear it when as much as possible without impeding whatever activity you’re doing and it just turns out nicely. That being said, I’m under the impression that sleeping in them makes a big difference. You gotta go back to the concept of fading, and then it’ll make sense.

      • http://www.facebook.com/leslie.delavega.18 Leslie Dela-Vega

        Hi Josh, I have a pair of Levi York (vintage raw denim) jeans for almost 1.5 years, but the denim is still pretty raw, as if I just bought them. I brought them to the dry cleaners once (as i heard that’s a better way to clean them, nice creases, etc, but nothing happened.) I have to admit i don’t wear them ALL the time, but often. is there anything else to get them as nice as yours or is it the time of denim levis offers in the YORK jeans? Thanks so much. Your jeans are awesome!

  • drew

    by far the best pair of naked and famous jeans i have seen. amazing.

  • J

    Very Amazing pair! cant wait to see the 24 month mark!

  • Nolan F

    These are amazing.. Way to represent Edmonton!

  • Arie van den Berg

    Wonderful signs of wear everywhere.
    Breaking needles on 21OZ denim. Me and my Singer machine are working very hard to get through sometimes 10 layers of denim when I repair my Levi´s 501xx over and over, and we always succeed to get the job done! Try again.

    • Joshua Le

      It might just be the needle that I used. My friend recommended using a leather needle to patch things up by hand. It shouldn’t really be an excuse for saving my jeans, but you know how it goes.

  • DaDurp

    How did you wash your jeans?

    • Joshua Le

      As crazy as it sounds, I wanted to test the limits of denim folklore, so I washed it with hot water and a high spin cycle. Afterwards, I put it in the dryer on a high temperature setting. I was curious if it’s shrink a lot or if it’d damage the fabric. I can’t say it did or didn’t, but I’ve been wrong plenty times before.

      • Fuente87

        Hey Josh were these jeans sanforized?

  • coolfadezbro

    I’d be lying if I said that the fades aren’t amazing. Simply beautiful
    dedication. Though I’m a bigger fan 9.5 month fades simply because it
    has more indigo on it, and I’m more of a fan of that kind of evo than
    this, but good job nonetheless.

    Once again, my attention is drawn to the leather goods. I’m guessing that you
    never oiled your boots since your 9.5 month update? Nice aging of the belt
    too! Haha.

    • Joshua Le

      Thanks! You’re right – I’ve never oiled my DBs. I originally didn’t know what the proper procedure to clean the beeswax leather, so I just left it. As it started to age nicely, I figured I’d keep it un-oiled.

  • Dirty Denim

    Great job! I 2nd the sleeping in ur jeans. Admittedly it isn’t comfortable but IMHO softens the denim a bit maybe due to the sweating that happens during sleeping

  • nkno

    awesome piece!

  • http://wefty.blogspot.com Wefty

    wow. simply put, these look phenominal. great job. this type of result takes serious dedication.

  • jus shilling

    the only jeans that i sleep in, and do so on the reg, are my unbrandeds.. jut because i could care less about them, but also i wake up with results.. it def speeds along the process.. of course, the sweating and movement involved.. but then, when you think about it, youre also putting in double time on them..

  • jus shilling

    also, salute.. you kicked the crap out of 21oz’s.. nice job..

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  • vinnyksb

    Congrats! I may start wearing my weird guys again after several months of neglection

  • http://twitter.com/StarkDenim Stark Denim

    Will never get sick from looking at the honeycombs over and over again..

  • xkaliba

    so SICK

  • Matthew

    3D honeycombs! Wow this is amazing!

  • Zeke

    I have a pair of 11 month old RRL Slim Fits that the crotch seems determined to fall apart in. I’ve patched them several times, making a confusing network of different fabriced patches stacked on top of each other on the interior, is it too late to have it darned back together? The wear I’ve gotten on them is more consistent with a much older pair, and I want them to last as long as possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’d also like to find a brand less prone to blow outs, and something funky, maybe like naked and famous, but maybe easier to find. Thanks.

  • whorebucks

    best looking fades i have ever seen. those honey combs are insane. and that contrast WAWAWEWA

  • Wells

    What kind of shoes are you wearing?

  • yossarian

    What kind of boots are you wearing in the second set of before pics & the after pics? (I’m assuming they’re the same boots just aged.)


    • Altoclefchris

      Looks like a clarks desert boot to me

  • http://twitter.com/rbrookens42 Ryan Brookens

    What BOOTS are you wearing in the pics??

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  • Taylor Goad

    Just FYI, the blue jeans pop so well in that first pick because they’re against a burnt orange wall. In color theory, blue and orange are complementary colors, so together they naturally they make the other color “pop”.

  • Chris

    these jeans deserve to be the first ever Fade Friday 2x if they’re still making progress

  • Fuente87

    Are these jeans sanforized?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Jeansmuseum Ruedi Karrer

    One of the best N&F I have ever seen.
    Can’t wait to see more updates at the end of the HWDC

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