3×1 – Bespoke Raw Denim, New York Style

3x1 - Raw Denim, New York Style

3x1 - Raw Denim, New York Style

The perfect pair of jeans. That one article of clothing that always seems to elude our closets. The search for that perfect pairs is what introduced many denim enthusiasts to the awesomeness of raw denim.

Now, however, you can get exactly that. 3×1 is a denim label based in NYC that offers bespoke jeans. With experience at fashion houses like Earnest Sewn, the guys behind the shop certainly know their stuff. They also offer a selection of denim material from multiple mills in Japan, as well as Cone Mills in North Carolina.

The bespoke service comes with a price, though. For a wallet-melting $1,200 (that’s just for starters!), the experienced tailors at 3×1 can make you a pair of jeans that are perfectly custom-fitted to your body. Quite literally the perfect pair of jeans for you.

If that’s a bit beyond your price-range don’t worry it’s above ours too… 3×1 also offers a selection of jeans in regulated fits for a much more reasonable price. They also make a couple raw selvedge cuts for women. Check ’em out.

Note: Have you had any experience with 3×1‘s denim? If so, let us know in our forum!

Photos – (Sourced from 3×1.us)

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.24.91 Front

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.24.91 Side

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.24.91 Back

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.24.91 Selvedge

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.24.91 Detail

3x1 - Raw Denim, New York Style

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.1.21 Side

3x1 Raw Denim - M1.1.21 Back

3x1 Raw Denim - M4.2.60 Front

3x1 Raw Denim - M4.2.60 Side

3x1 Raw Denim - M4.2.60 Back

3x1 Raw Denim - Women's 3.12.6

3x1 Raw Denim - Women's 3.12.6 Back

Stay Raw!

– Sean
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  • gurkamandurka

    oh… spectacular. cant wait to spend 1200 dollars for a pair of jeans… next i will proceed to spend a measely 6000 dolars in some chocolate crackers so i can put some weight and leave them in the closet- the jeans that is!!!!!

  • http://about.me/mneidich Wefty

    Couple of thoughts here, with the hopes that some of them will be insightful. While I do appreciate the idea of perfectly fitting jeans, I think that these uber-designer concepts take denim to a place that is far from its roots. As workwear, denim had a history of being a “buy it and wear it” item. Good fit came from soaking and wearing, not from tailoring. If I’m remembering correctly, the first Levi’s came in only 3 sizes. In many respects, fading comes not from a perfect fit, but from an imperfect one.

    That said, $1,200 isn’t unheard of for a pair of jeans. Momotaro sells their kimono-loom-woven jeans for upwards of $1,500. I’ll personally stick with my off-the-shelf selvage. When my jeans are too long, I cuff them. That’s what people did from the 1880s until the 1950s, and if it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

    • GeniusUnleashed

      Do you also ride a horse and buggy because it was good enough for them in the 1880’s? It’s fine to keep it old school, but I enjoy wearing nice fitting pair of jeans.

  • http://www.gilt.com/invite/tman916 Thomas

    Doesn’t Rogue Territory have a bespoke program for less than 1/2 of 3×1’s?

    • GeniusUnleashed

      I’ve emailed them multiple times trying to get them to make me a custom pair. They no longer do it :(

  • Suss


  • http://www.facebook.com/andremaduro Andre Maduro

    I would not pay $1,200 on “one” pair of jeans, no matter how “perfect” they look on me.

  • jus schilling

    no.. these look hella sloppy.. i wouldnt wear them if they were kicked down to me for free.. i 2nd what thomas said about rt..

  • Stephen

    i personally saw these and in no way are they close to being worth 1500.00 – i probably wouldnt even buy these off the shelf at a regular…APC’s are so much nicer then these…ridiculously over priced…good luck 3×1…

    • jus schilling

      seeing the pics alone.. before reading the article.. i honestly thought this was going to be another “under $100 denim” post.. i went to their site.. their shelf stuff is in the the 300-400 plus rang.. offensive!

  • Grazfather x

    Ugh what’s with the HUGE rise in the back? I hate that look?

    When I’m older and more ballin’ I can see myself spending $1200 on one really nice pair of jeans…

    • Dennis Phoenix

      I agree about the high rise, I recently wore, a worn out pair of 501’s and felt uncomfortable because of the high waist. When I took them off I noticed they were two sizes larger than I normally wear.

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  • notahater

    They have regular (non-bespoke) pairs for under $300, and that’s probably what most of these pictures are of. Yeah $1200 is pretty dumb amount of money for a pair of pants. But the $260 pairs are more reasonable and damn high quality.

  • GeniusUnleashed

    Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel does customs for $700ish. He makes a template that you can take with you or keep with him so you can get the perfect pair made every time. The template is more or less a jean without all the pockets, loops etc. Then he makes a jean off of that. That’s why it costs what it does. After that, each jean made off the template is the normal sub-$300 price.