Tellason Gustave Slim Tapered Raw Denim – Just Released

Tellason Gustave Slim Tapered Raw Denim

Tellason Gustave Slim Tapered Raw Denim

Fresh off the press, Tellason has just released their latest denim model, the Gustave Slim Tapered Denim. This marks the fourth denim cut from the San Francisco-based label, whom are well known for their authentic and well crafted garments.

As opposed to the brand’s previous slim tapered fit, the Ladbroke Grove, the Gustave is a touch wider in the thigh and even more narrow from the knee down. In vintage Tellason fashion too, the pockets and seat are heavily constructed and built for endurance.


  • Name: Tellason Gustave Slim Tapered
  • Weight: 14.75 Oz.
  • Fit: Slim tapered
  • Denim: Cone Mills 100% Cotton
  • Price: $198.00


Tellason Gustave Slim Tapered Raw Denim

Tellason Gustave Slim Tapered Raw Denim

Tellason Gustave Slim Tapered Raw Denim

Tellason Gustave Slim Tapered Raw Denim

Stay Raw!

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  • A Savoy78

    ?…These dont look great on the model. Not promising 

  • Gian-Frances

    awful…seriously…rawr – your loosing your touch on posting things that are actually relevant.  not going to lie – disappointing…

    • lovelyallen

      How is this not relevant?

  • Ralph Elliott

    What is wrong with them? I think that they look fine; not to tight not to loose. Not hanging down, rolled up. What could be wrong? Style is a matter of instinct. To borrow a phrase from an old ad campaign, “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should”. Would you like a wInston? Who knows? It’s a matter of taste and is not qualitative. To cast your feelings as fact is a mistake in this area of discourse. I guess you asume everybody has the same taste as you, I’m not going to lie, that’s awfully juvenile….seriously

    • Anthony

      To me…in my OPINION…premium denim seems to be moving away from cuts that accentuate the body and opting for styles that hide it. For instance….the pic here shows a jean loose in the crotch, which would be ok if the leg was wider to create a loose relaxed silhouette. Instead what we see is baggy up top, tapered on the bottom, giving a sort of weird Steve Urkle look. I’m not a big fan of this. I also in no way condone men wearing skinny jeans (regardless of their popularity), as I think they are better suited to women and Pirates. 

      Again, this is merely my opinion and my preference. Clothing is just like any other medium that relies on aesthetic. Proportion is everything and that’s where i think a lot of modern jeans fall short(for me). I don’t think theres anything juvenile about it. 

      This fit is not nearly as bad as some others, I just think they look a little awkward. The material and workmanship of course are top notch as always.

      • Mister56

        I was mostly aiming my comment at Glan-Frances and then somewhat you. I see what you mean. The crotch is not flattering. Thanks for explaining your thoughts. Todays show has been brought to you by Jack Sparrow’s Denim 

        Emporium, featuring, Urkle’s High Waisted Super Duper Taper, flood cut Jeans.
        Get them in Purple Rose. Ha Ha thanks.

        • Anthony


  • bigbash

    what kind of boots are those?

  • Pete

    The boots are Red Wing.  It is important to us to create various fits for our direct needs, and also for those out there we admire.  Our friend, Brian Awitan was instrumental in the creation of the Gustave and here is a shot of him wearing it in a 38.  A different feeling all the way around…

  • Wefty

    they look great; this is a pseudo-carrot cut, which will look flattering on far more people than your recently popular skinny-as-fuck jeans that fell somewhere between 1980s taper and jegging. I’m glad to see a shift toward a more relaxed look.

  • Jessebemister

    I think that these jeans look great.  I happen to have an average sized waist with above average sized thighs and I don’t always like the straight cut with a cuff that covers half of my shoe.  These jeans look to be perfect for me.  I appreciate the folks here at rawr for bring these to my attention and the folks at Tellason for making a pair of raws for guys like me and Brian.  The jeans are relevant depending on who is reading.  Not everyone can fit into their sister’s jeans.