Converse Selvedge Jeans – The Most Inexpensive Raw Denim Around

Converse Selvedge Jeans - The Most Inexpensive Raw Denim Around

Converse Selvedge Jeans - The Most Inexpensive Raw Denim Around

When I say “Converse”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? I’m guessing it’s the ubiquitous Chuck Taylor sneakers that have been a fashion staple since the 1920s.

Converse Selvedge Jeans - The Most Inexpensive Raw Denim Around

Did I guess right?

While those sneakers have earned fame in their own right, Converse’s One-Star label has created quite a buzz with the release of their Straight-Leg Jean in raw, selvedge denim. Sold exclusively through Target, these jeans offer the style & popularity of raw, selvedge denim at an unbelievably low price.

Regularly priced at $40 in-store, the Converse selvedge jeans can currently be purchased for $29.99 on Target’s online store. That’s easily the lowest price for selvedge denim we’ve ever seen, beating out all the pairs featured in our Raw Denim Under $100 Parts 1 and 2.

Admittedly, we haven’t had a chance to see these jeans in-person, so we can’t speak for their quality. Since the jeans’ release late last year, there has been no definite consensus among reviewers.

Some claim that you get what you pay for, though we’d be interested to see how they hold up compared to a pair of $2,000, hand-crafted Momotaro jeans. In the meantime, we have to say that $40 for selvedge jeans certainly sounds like a steal. Give us your opinion in the comments below.


  • Name: Converse One-Star Men’s Straight Leg Jean
  • Weight: ~12 Oz.
  • Fit: Straight
  • Denim: Sanforized 100% Cotton Selvedge, Made in China
  • Price: $29.99
  • Available at:

Photos (Source:

Converse Selvedge Jeans - The Most Inexpensive Raw Denim Around

Converse Selvedge Jeans - The Most Inexpensive Raw Denim Around

Converse Selvedge Jeans - The Most Inexpensive Raw Denim Around

Stay Raw!

– Sean

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  • terry123tibbs

    Tesco and marks & spencer ( both big supermarket chains in the UK ) did do some selvedge denim once.
    These were the marks & spencer ones :
    (they were £45)
    Heres a picture of the ones by tesco
    (there were £30 I think and they have been removed from the website since then)

    both quite disgusting but cheap.

  • ChrisA

    I’ve seen the denim in person. Quality is very poor, which should be expected. The jeans are very light weight and weak, and just feels like a weak overall denim. Feels more like a 6oz denim or something around there. Can’t knock too much on the stitching though.

  • Anteezy

    You don’t need a lot of pairs of raw denim, so in my opinion it’s better to buy better quality denim that’ll last a life time instead of multiple cheap pairs.

    • tony gelder

      tell me here do I get them from thanks

  • Reese Fuller


    • ItsStillKatie

      That’s exactly what I did! Thanks for the idea bud

  • Alex Park

    Hmm.. guess what. You can buy inexpensive selvedge jeans on eBay too. Just type “selvedge” and click “jeans” and choose your size. I’ve done it.

    • trehsu

      I hate ebay. And I never find anything that inexpensive on ebay that isn’t used. People ask like $100+ for super USED APCs. I’ve seen somebody even trying to sell a pair of these on ebay for 40bucks lols.

  • chez

    When you look at the Prices of what we pay for a Japanese Pair it´s hard to say what is right or wrong. But don´t forget where are these Pairs are made – not in Japan! And the Cost for a Worker is getting the Prices up. But I work in Germany and so on a Level more or less to a Japanese. On the other Hand it´s getting mor and more like Fashion Goodie to have Raw Denim (especially from Japan). So there are only Extreme Version, except thoses Pairs around 100 USD.

  • Eli

    After reading this post yesterday, I jogged 5 miles to the closest target in NYC (the only Target?) that supplied these in my size. The 30×32 fits more like a 29.5×35, much to my relief. I wore them out last night (in the current summery state of NYC) and was very impressed. The jeans are obviously pre-treated, although minimally – they seem to have a J.Crew-esque resin crinkle to them which is barely noticeable. They fit EXTREMELY similarly to Unbranded’s tapered fit (the ones from Urban Outfitters) which is good news if you’re looking for that perfect balance between skinny and straight. The girl who I took out told me she liked them and needed to test the bleeding for herself – bonus points! 😉

    In summation, I would definitely rate these 4.5 stars, lacking a half star as I like heavier cotton – it simply feels rugged to me. These weigh about the same as my Uniqlo selvedge and are thus far better-fitting and more comfortable. Tight around the hips and very high-rise (about 1-2″ after the tight part).

    They’re so choice. If you have the means I highly recommend picking up a pair.

    • Keunglw

      How do yyu recommend sizing for them if I am size 32 Levis? Size 33 Unbranded Skinny (sized up 1 for these). Thanks! I would like to try these out!

  • ZERO55

    To be honoust I think you are completely mental if you buy a pair of these so called fake selvedge jeans!

    Selvedge is all about sustainable craftsmenship, a pair wich you will wear over and over and prefer not to wash for many years to come.

    It’s about made in Japan, Canada or the USA, so you support local companies and not some brand wich is jumping on the bandwagon of the so called selvedge trend.

    Let Converse make sneakers in low cost countries as well as there so called selvedge jeans!

    I’m not buying the lie and will only buy from small companies who make honoust products in there local area.

    Watch labels before you buy and think twice…..People Planet Profit!

    • Cookze

      Selvedge: An edge produced on woven fabric during manufacture that prevents it from unraveling.These jeans have that feature and therefore are not “so called fake selvedge” (you do realize that is redundant, right?). You’re confusing what selvedge jeans mean for many in the denim community with what they are. It isn’t a “lie” to say these jeans are selvedge, they are. Plain and simple. Furthermore I’m sure someone could wear these jeans for just as long as any other pair and develop just as many awesome fades and the memories associated with them. Yes, to a degree this is a big name corporation noticing a rise in popularity in a certain kind of product and attempting to profit from it but I can assure you Samurai and Iron Heart don’t make their products just for kicks. Also, the low price point of these jeans means that someone who wouldn’t normally be able to afford a pricey pair of raw selvedge denim can still own a pair. Yes, the quality is not as good but some people, myself included, simply cannot drop four hundred, or even two hundred, dollars on a pair of jeans. Currently I am wearing a pair of dry Levi 511’s that I picked up for twenty dollars. I have been wearing them for about 6 months now and they reflect the many experiences that I have undergone in that time. I haven’t washed them, or starched them, or fussed over them at all. Instead I simply wake up every morning, put them on, and live in them. Are they dishonest because they are not selvedge or because they were inexpensive or because they were made by an international company? No. They are honest because they are uniquely mine and display who I am and my means. The same would be true for anyone who purchased these jeans from Target and wore them day in and day out. It doesn’t matter where you get your jeans as long as you wear them hard and wear them long. Living in your jeans is much more important than what they are or where they’re from.

      • Mike

        I so love you diatribe. Spot on.

      • Stewart Uy

        wiiin hahaha i was rocking 511 for years but finally pulled the trigger of a pair of APC petit standards & N&F elephant 2… someday when you can afford it, you will truly appreciate the quality like I did! but to others, they will never understand.

        • trehsu

          totally appreciate the quality of a brand like APC. But these jeans are cheap and honest. I’ve got some sweet kaihara denim jeans but I think I can rock these too when I feel like it

    • allcapsj

      Japan, local?

  • Perry Goh

    Converse shoes are legendary. Not jeans. Wrong positioning. I know they made a new denim Chuck Taylor Hi shoes…so making full advantage of the looms. And denim from China, wrong choice of country of origin.

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  • Thundergun

    I like the nicer denim as well but I got a killer pair from the Gap and these would be great for wearing and never soaking and just not caring what happens to them, they could definitely be utilized in a wardrobe and Obviously you do get what you pay for. 

  • Kefka

    Just picked up a 2 pairs of these (32X34 and 32×30) the color and rigidity is pretty impressive for $30. Will move these into my cycle this week.

    • Rawr Denim

      Good to hear! Would you be able to keep us posted on how they come along in our forum via the Converse thread?

    • Keunglw

      How do you recommend sizing for these? I am a size 32 Levis 511. Thanks! 

      • ItsStillKatie

        I would go one size up! The waist is small, and I don’t know how tall you are, but I doubt these were made for any kind of Big and Tall size guy. Plus it’s always better to wear a belt because they’re a bit large than to not be able to fit at all.

        • trehsu

          I felt they were deffinately looser in the waist than my levis 514s. I have these in a 30 and the 514’s in a 30 and the 514’s were tighter when I first bought them. I just bought a pair of size 31 501’s and they fit similarly to that I would say. Maybe don’t size down but I’d say don’t size up either.

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  • Everett


    • austin

      i would also like to know if these are sanforized or not. I read that they shrink after a soak in warm water.

      • trehsu

        Pretty positive that they’re Sanforized but they still bleed plenty. My experience at least after fully washing them in a washing machine (i had to in order to save my shoes from all becoming blue) was that they didn’t shrink at all.

  • RonnieJay

    I picked up a pair a few weeks ago and did what Reese posted, made them cut offs. They are decent for the price and I dont care about them one bit since they were cheap. Ive been riding my bicycle a lot in them. Lets see how they turn out.

  • ThreeStarsForOneStar

    I’m fond of these cheap jeans, but the wear-and-tear is ridiculous on them — particularly the button fly. After a few months, chances are pretty good that the damn thing will just pop out because the enclosure tears. Which is a bummer because I like the style, color and feel of these (also the price).

  • Kleetz

    I know I’m late to the party here, but I went and checked these out at Target today. My initial reaction was “man, the quality sucks”. The rivets on some pairs were missing and it looked like some of them were already showing wear. I honestly thought a couple pairs may have been worn and returned. The leather patch on the back was “meh” and the jeans in general didn’t do it for me.

    I tried on two pairs (34×32 and 32×32) and both actually fit me okay. The longest inseam was 32 and I though that would be too short but it fit more like a 35 (as Eli previously mentioned). I sat, walked and thought in the fitting room for a while and finally decided to save the 30$ and just beat on my Levis for the next year. Interested to one day see a Fade Friday for these.

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  • jgay

    the denim just doesn’t look very good to me

  • Alf

    I went into my local target to buy some milk and happened to see these hanging on the rack. I made an impulse purchase.

    The denim itself does feel lightweight and has an odd rinsed and hung dry wrinkle to it. The hems are horrendous as they are too large a fold and are stitched in red. This is no chain stitch either… The rivets are red white and blue and there are funny red accents stitched all around. I would not really recommend these to anyone. For someone experienced with finer denim they would obviously be a let down due to the low quality materials, poor fit and lack of care in assembly. For a newbie I’m afraid these could actually steer people away from venturing farther towards achieving denim nirvana. They exist on this earth simply due to the fact that money is to be made. There is no passion nor craftsmanship behind these jeans, and thus, at least to me, they are worth nothing.

    I donated my pair to a family member.


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  • Jeff Elgas

    I purchased these jeans over a year ago as my first venture into the selvage cult and have wore them 1-4 times weekly (business casual job makes frequent wearing more difficult) –they are wearing in really nicely. No washes so far, whiskering is revealing strong indigo underneath, I’m excited to see what the first wash will bring. Next mission will be more substantial japanese denim $$$

  • trehsu

    They were on sale in my local Target for $9 a few months back. Probably around October. For $9 who cares about the construction. Deal of a lifetime

    • chicagolaw1

      Real talk. I think there should be some distinction between denimheads and denim snobs. Cookze is spot on here. Allow me to add on.

      Back in the early nineties, long before anyone in the US was talking about selvage. I got a great deal on some $14 jeans from old navy. I ended up falling in love and wore them for years till they were literally threadbare (and my girlfriend of the time tossed them while I was out).

      The jeans and they way they wore in for me was a love affair.

      As I started working in the early 2000s, I could afford more expensive jeans. My gal bought me a pair of sev7ns to replace the aforementioned old navys. Same deal, no selvage no vintage label, but over time(years) they broke in uniquely.

      Now, vintage is the thing, and I’ve got money to afford some. But dropping $300 on a pair of jeans isn’t what makes me a denimhead. Its that history.. its that love affair I have with certain jeans.

      Guys like Steward Uy and ZERO55 aren’t real denimheads, their poseurs. They’ve got three things (1) got $2-300 (to buy some jeans), (2) google (to learn terms like warp and chainstitch), and (3) a smug attitude (and likely a small pecker). It doesn’t cost $$ to be a true denimhead or a pair of selvage jeans made in Japan.

      What it takes is denim, love, and time.

  • Caleb Davis

    I have a pair and they are my favorite jeans ever and I have been trying to find more to buy and that is how I found this thread. target is sold out online and in store at this time.

  • MichaelJJCC

    These are Just as good as expensive raws when it comes to fades, But if you’re someone who skates or does something where ripping the crotch and ankles of your pants happens daily you wouldn’t want to buy $200+ jeans. I’m not saying don’t spring the extra money for quality, because these aren’t the best, but if you want to shred in some raws, Definitely get something similar to these, They’re tough for $29.99!

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