Samurai Jeans Kakishibu-Dyed 24 Oz. S5000KA – Just Released

Samurai Jeans 24oz S5000KA Kakishibu Dyed

Just Released - Samurai Jeans S5000KA Kakishibu Dyed

About a month and a half ago, NYC denim shop Blue In Green released a very exclusive piece from Samurai Jeans, the S5000BKB Black x Black “Zero” Denim.

Unsurprisingly, both parties continue to not disappoint. Just over one week ago, the denim shop posted several new items from Samurai Jeans, most notably the electrifying and heavyweight S5000KA.

For this special denim, Samurai Jeans used an original 24 Oz. denim that has been hand-dyed with Kakishibu, an all natural dye fermented from the juice of unripe persimmions. Interestingly enough, according to Blue In Green, it’s the very first time a denim this heavy has been dyed with Kakishibu.

Samurai Jeans 24oz S5000KA Kakishibu Dyed

Kakishibu Dyeing Process

Samurai Jeans 24oz S5000KA Kakishibu Dyed

Kakishibu Dyed Yarns Hang Drying


  • Name: Samurai Jeans S5000KA
  • Weight: 24 Oz.
  • Fit: Mid Rise Straight Leg Fit
  • Denim: Kakishibu hand-dyed 100% cotton, selvedge
  • Price: $725.00 USD
  • Available at: Blue In Green
  • Other Details
    • Unique leather patch with heavyweight Samurai warriors eating persimmons
    • Dark steel tack buttons, black bartack and buttonhole
    • Subtle hints of dark brown and black in fabric
    • Specially marked box with silver and gold flake design

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Samurai Jeans 24oz S5000KA Kakishibu Dyed

Samurai Jeans 24oz S5000KA Kakishibu Dyed

Samurai Jeans 24oz S5000KA Kakishibu Dyed

Samurai Jeans 24oz S5000KA Kakishibu Dyed

Samurai Jeans 24oz S5000KA Kakishibu Dyed

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  • Anteezy


  • Self Edge – Kiya

    The shade feel to this jeans is absolutely amazing, these are worth every penny.

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  • itsokAJishere

    Someday I’ll be able to reasonably afford these. I’ll be excited once I get my hand on a pair. I can’t wait to see a intensely worn in pair.

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  • Jon Lukacek

    It isn’t a dye it’s a tannin, FYI. Real kakishibu needs to be tanned in sunlight to darken over time.

  • bryan solid

    Really interesting colour, too bad it comes with a $725 price tag. It’s kind of a bummer that so much of raw denim culture currently is pushing towards more and more expensive jeans. 

    Obviously there are more affordable brands out there, but I guess part of the cache of an article of clothing like this is it’s exclusivity factor.

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