Raw Denim For Women – A Brief Overview

Women's Raw Denim - Sling & Stones's Mary Slim Straight

Raw Denim For Women – A Brief Overview

The world of raw denim used to have a major gender bias. For a long time it was a major challenge for ladies interested in untreated denim. Until a few years ago, most talk of women’s raw denim revolved around which pairs of men’s jeans would best compliment a lady’s figure.

Luckily, this is no longer the case. Many brands from all over the world now produce raw jeans specifically for women. Only a few of those jeans are made from selvedge denim, though. Men’s jeans are cut with a straight outseam, whereas women’s jeans are typically cut with a curve so as to provide a better fit. This makes it hard to cut women’s jeans along the straight edge and keep the selvedge.

Today’s post is just a brief overview of brands and stores that offer women’s raw denim. We’ll be dedicating more articles to women’s raw jeans in the near future, but for starters…

Naked & Famous’ classic raw jean for women is their Indigo Stretch in Skinny Girl fit. It’s not selvedge denim, but it does come from Japan and it has the benefit of being a stretchy raw denim. N&F jeans also offer smaller sizes than some other brands.

Women's Raw Denim - N&F Skinny Girl

Naked & Famous’ Skinny Girl Indigo Stretch

BlueInGreen’s online store offers a selection of women’s raw denim from brands such as Pure Blue Japan, Studio d’Artisan, Skull Jeans, Samurai Jeans Co. and Somet. PBJ also offers stretch denim, whereas Samurai’s Geisha line features heavier 16oz selvedge denim.

Women's Raw Denim - Samurai Jeans Geisha 0510 LXXII

Samurai Jeans’ Geisha 0510 LXXII

Women's Raw Denim - Skull Jeans Linda

Skull Jeans’ Linda Model

SelfEdge’s online store features the widest selection of denim brands, but only a few of them cater specifically to women. There are the ubiquitous Nudie Jeans, 3Sixteen+’s 99BSP model, and The Flat Head’s women-specific Balder jean.

Women's Raw Denim - Flat Head Balder

The Flat Head’s Balder Jean

SelfEdge also carries Sling & Stones, which offers raw denim only for women in the standard three fits.

Women's Raw Denim - Sling & Stones' Delilah Bootcut

Sling & Stones’ Delilah Bootcut

Keep checking back for more on women’s raw denim!

Stay Raw!

– Sean
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  • http://twitter.com/ryeandrivet RYE & RIVET

    Railcar Fine Goods also makes a woman’s jean that’s selvage and raw, constructed from Cone Mills denim with a little bit of stretch. I’ve been wearing it for three months straight now and I am obsessed with the cut.

    • Cookze

      Just want to note that Railcar also carries a non-stretch version of their selvedge denim for women as well as a couple different styles of non-selvedge raw denim.                                                                                            

    • http://www.rawrdenim.com Rawr Denim

      Thanks for the heads up!

  • Fern

    Agree with RYE & RIVET. I’ve been coveting the Railcar Fine Goods Viper Skinny Stretch for some time now. They have really got the fit down. They don’t have many distributors, and I can’t bear to purchase jeans online without trying them on, so I’ll be making a trip out to SF later this year. Based on photos alone, I haven’t seen a selvedge jean for women that actually looks flattering and not crinkly. A little stretch, however, unorthodox, really does help!

    • Lejla

      I have the Railcar Viper selvedge non stretch. It SUCKED the first two weeks. It was hideously unflattering but now that I’ve broken them in, they rock! Just have to persevere. They’re the best pair of jeans I’ve owned. Trust Steven at Railcar!

      • Fern

        Hm, that sounds promising. Any before and after photos? I’m trying to decide between the stretch and the non-stretch..

  • OhhitsVic

    levis has a made in usa selvedge jean for women, a skinny stretch fit and a skinny non stretch fit. its on their site. levi . com

    • http://www.rawrdenim.com Rawr Denim

      Nice find. Thanks for sharing!

  • LilyPad

    Raleigh Denim has a style called Davie

    they have a stiff raw and a stretch raw. 
    Had to go with the stretch but they are breaking in nicely

  • Ronni3jay

    My fiance has a few pairs of the N&F Skinny Girls liste above as well as some Nudie Tight Long Johns. The TLJs look great on women 

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  • jleb

    Rag & Bone makes a raw skinny. Raleigh has a pretty full range of women’s cuts now as well.

    • Charlotte Hefner

      which Rag & Bone skinnies are raw???

    • Charlotte Hefner

      Which Rag & Bone skinnies are raw???

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  • skonrach

    In the future ,will you have FH balder size 24 ? i want it so much but now ,

    it have size 26 smallest in stock :,(

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  • LLucas

    Does anyone know a good pair of guys raw jeans that work fairly well for a girl’s body? I’m a tall girl…looking into the girl lines, none of them will end up being long enough for me, even without a cuff. I need at least a 34″ inseam for wearing flats, but most of my shoes and boots have at least a small heel. Plus, I totally dig the pictures of wearing the pants cuffed over boots.

    I may have to go full custom, are there any really cool manufacturers who do that?

    • Christine Clarke

      The Flat Head’s 3001 has a very slim top part that I think looks very flattering on women, and is straight from the knee down. I am pretty sure it has a 35″ inseam. I wear the 3001s and I love how I look in them.

    • ashercoady

      I know that this is pretty late, but nudie offers all of their fits in sizes as small as like 20″ waist or something like that, my girlfriend just got a pair of grim trim raw in her size and they are sweet.

  • Christine Clarke

    Bleh, almost all of these are “stretch denim,” aka “will completely disintegrate within a year or less.” I guess I’ll still stick to wearing “men’s” jeans, until people finally decide to market 100% cotton jeans to women again.

    • rawdog

      Yes all my stretch raws have disintegrated and as I’m typing this I am nude from the waist down.

      • Christine Clarke

        Me too. I hate when that happens!

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