Fade Friday – Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling (8 Years, Washes Unknown)

Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling Raw Denim

Fade Friday - Atelier LaDurance (8 Years, Washes Unknown)

This week’s Fade Friday sees the first appearance of denim from Atelier LaDurance, a French brand founded by Gerard Backx in 2002, the Prescott Sterling. While the washes are unknown, this pair is well worn after 8 years of wear and an adjustment after 4 years of wear; tapering the legs and even bringing in the waist.

Big thanks to Cyriel Marijnissen (@cyrielwatdoeje), from The Netherlands, for sending in the photos. In addition to the adjustments mentioned earlier, Cyriel has lost a belt-loop in the process albeit given new pockets and a button to the denim.

For all the Nudie fanatics out there, after all of the repairs and modifications (including five trips to the tailor), this Prescott Sterling‘s fit is now comparable to the Average Joe.

Atelier LaDurance‘s Prescott Sterling is a straight cut with a low waist and slim tapered legs. Some of the more interesting features include the ‘vichy’ check lining and the ‘crosspatch’ cut flap and plain backpockets.

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  • Name: Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling
  • Weight: 12.5 oz
  • Denim: Original Japanese selvedge denim
  • Fit: Straight Slim
  • Length of Wear: 8 Years
  • Number of Washes: N/A

Photos – BEFORE

Atelier La Durance Prescott Sterling Fly

Photos – AFTER

Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling Raw Denim

Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling Raw Denim

Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling Raw Denim

Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling Raw Denim

Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling Raw Denim

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  • Guest

    Very nice. Hmmm maybe a wash too soon (and wider leg) during the first 4 years of wear detrimentally affected high contrast honeycomb formation? Oh well, they are still there-awesome pair.

    • Cyriel

      Hey there,

      It wasn’t the wash-too-soon, but more the baggy fit that affected the high contrast.

      Kind regards,

  • oilpit

    Those pockets make me want to die…

    • Cyriel

      Haha! When I bought these 8 years ago, it was really someyhing 😉 Hope you like the fades though!

      Kind regards,

  • http://wefty.blogspot.com Wefty

    Nice example of vertical falling. The striation in the warp really shows through. The honeycombs are probably a little less pronounced due to washing; he clearly had to repair them a few times, which means he probably wore them really hard and had to wash them more frequently.

    • Cyriel

       Hey Wefty,

      The Honeycombs are this less because the jeans were actually a “baggy” pair of jeans, before I had them fixed at the tailor. Baggy jeans never have really sharp honeycombs (is my experience), tighter models have.

      And yes, I wore them really hard :-)

      Kind regards,

  • Grazfather x

    lol those boots are the worst. As for the jeans: Not my cut at all but I can appreciate what went into them.

    • Cyriel

       Thanks Grazfather! haha!

      Kind regards,

  • swissjeansfreak

    Congrats to this super great fadings!!!
    by far the best fadings I have seen since a long time for a light weight denim pants!!!