Fade Friday – Denim Project D00XX (2 Years, Washes Unknown)

Denim Project D00XX Raw Jeans

Fade Friday - Denim Project D00XX (2 Years, Unknown Washes)

Seven years ago, a small group of denim-heads got together on Japan’s largest online forum, known as 2ch, and joked about making their own reproduction of Levi’s classic 501XX jeans. Soon enough the talk got serious, and before they knew it they had hammered out an initial run of 2ch Denim Project jeans, known as the D00XX.

2ch Denim Project Patch Design Prototype

Initial Patch Design For The 2ch Denim Project

2ch Denim Project Final Patch Design

The Finalized Patch Design

2ch Denim Project Patch Sample

Patches For The Initial Lot

That’s the story behind this week’s Fade Friday. The jeans featured here come a few Lot numbers later, but they share the same heritage and are still made by the same small crew.

The jeans have been worn hard over the last 2 years by a denim-head known as jukebox who works at FurugiNavi, one of Osaka’s premier vintage shops.

Even though we can’t pinpoint the exact number of washes (many Japanese denim geeks don’t keep track), we can say with certainty that it’s been more than a few. We hope to have more from the guys at Denim Project in the future.

Photos are courtesy of our friend and Denim Project veteran Hajime Inoue (Twitter: @tcbinoue) from the denim mecca of Kurashiki in Japan’s Okayama Prefecture (see these posts for more info on Kurashiki).  ありがとうございます、井上さん!

Note: Do you have any well-worn raw denim that you’d love others to see? Send your photos and details to info@rawrdenim.com!


  • Name: Denim Project D00XX
  • Weight: 13.75 Oz.
  • Fit: Classic Straight Fit, Modeled on 1947 501XX.
  • Denim: Unsanforized Japanese Selvedge from Okayama, 100% cotton.
  • Length of Wear: 2 Years

Photos – BEFORE (Source: Rakuten)

Levi's 1947 501XX Raw Denim

Note: These Are Levi's 1947 501XX! They look the same as brand new D00XX!

Denim Project D00XX Patch

Patch on the latest Lot of D00XX

Photos – AFTER

Denim Project D00XX Raw Denim Jeans

After 2 years of wear!

 Denim Project D00XX Raw Denim Jeans

Denim Project D00XX Raw Denim Jeans

Denim Project D00XX Raw Denim Jeans

Denim Project D00XX Raw Denim Jeans

Repaired knee damage

Stay Raw!

– Sean
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  • Terrance Basel

    The faded areas are almost white, and the red paint just makes it even worse. Ugly as sin.

  • Benjamin M

    Agreed. The fades on these look like some sort of pre-washed crap you see come out of the factories now a days. Good work on the blog non the less!

  • Anonymous

    I laughed when I saw DEVIS. 

  • guest

    these probably look awesome when being worn

  • Anteezy

    These lost an insane amount of color for only 2 years, also the contrast on the fades aren’t that sharp. The honeycombs don’t look great either.

  • schooble

    The fades are the way they are because the Japanese wash their jeans more frequently than most Americans do

  • http://wefty.blogspot.com Wefty

    I have to say that I disagree with most of the sentiment in the comments here. Everyone wears and washes their jeans according to personal preference, which is what makes raw denim so interesting. If you look at old Levis from 100 years ago, they look far more like this than they would had he washed them less.

    No two people should achieve the same fade, and the fact that these are damn-near white is a testament to the preferences of their owner. Nice work, even though it might not be what most people around here think is “correct wearing technique.”

  • dnm

    These are awesome; quit hating.