Fade Friday – Baldwin The Henley (1.5 Years, 1 Wash)


Baldwin Henley - 1.5 Years, 1 Wash

Last month, we gave some special attention to Baldwin Denim in commemoration of their motherland’s birthday.  If you haven’t had a chance to read up on the Kansas City brand, we urge you to learn more about them – you’ll love the story behind them.

Aside from producing great, simple designs that you can’t help but appreciate, they also specialize in some beautiful raw denim that ages “like a fine wine” (for lack of a better phrase). Don’t believe us? Check out below and don’t note all the details!


  • Name: Baldwin Denim The Henley
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Denim: 100% Cotton Japanese Yarn Dyed Indigo
  • Price: $220.00
Photos – BEFORE
Baldwin Denim Raw Denim - The Henley
Baldwin Denim Raw Denim - The Henley
Photos – AFTER (source: denimarchive.com)
Baldwin Denim Raw Denim - The Henley
Baldwin Denim Raw Denim - The Henley

Baldwin Denim Raw Denim - The Henley

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  • Big Shug

    I am a bit disappointed …they fade like Nudies.   Good quality selvage denim shouldn’t fade like this especially when it is worn for 1 and half years.  I was gonna cop a pair and thank you for posting this as to stop me.

    • http://twitter.com/djhakujin Sean Slater

      Hi Big Shug, thanks for your comment. 

      While we didn’t post this as a recommendation to buy or not to buy, I’m glad to hear that our posts helped you make your decision, regardless of the outcome. Any ideas of what you’ll get instead? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

      • Big Shug

        yeah…I like Bladwin’s cut and design…but as far as cutting, Nudie is still the best in my opinion.  I am gonna get a pair of Left Field sunburst selvage…..my bro just got a pair and they look great in terms of cut and the fabric…

        • http://twitter.com/djhakujin Sean Slater

          Left Field, huh? Good choice. They make some terrific stuff. If you have a chance, send us some photos of them, please.

  • Rodspeed

    nice shine on the leather patch!