Five Raw Denim Jackets – Part 1/2

FH Type II 3XXX Denim Jacket

FH Type II 3XXX Denim Jacket (source:

Rawr Denim has been up and running for a few months now and little did we realize that we have yet to pay tribute to raw denim jackets.  There’s no general cut or style per se for denim jackets but most tend to cut just above the waist with buttoned cuffs (similar to shirts) and an adjustable waistband.

By no means will this ring true for all, but I think raw denim jackets are superior to regular jean jackets since you can get them heavier or lighter (ideal for our cooler weather up here in Canada!) and, analogous to raw denim jeans, they result in high contrast fades.  As Tellason‘s co-founder Pete Searson says, “Why jeans? It’s the only article of clothing that improves with age” (see interview).  I would argue the same applies to raw denim jackets.

In no particular order then, here are five raw denim jackets (part 1/2) to keep in mind if you’re currently hunting around:

1. Studio D’Artisan – DB-430 Denim Jacket

  • Weight: 15oz
  • Denim: Unsanforized Studio D’Artisan Original Japanese selvage denim
  • Weave: 6×6 Warp x Weft
  • Dye: Pure Indigo
  • Made In: Japan
  • Price: $498.00
  • Available at: Blue in Green

2. Flat Head Type II 3XXX Denim Jacket

  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Denim: Unsanforized Japanese Selvedge Denim (3XXX)
  • Other: Rope Dyed Denim, Branded Buttons, Riveted Cuff Opening, Pleated Back
  • Price: $480.00
  • Available at: Self Edge

3. Iron Heart – Type III jacket


  • Weight: 21 Oz.
  • Denim: Sanforized indigo selvedge denim
  • Other: Selvedge detail on placket
  • Price: $450.00
  • Available at: Iron Heart

4. Levi’s – Slim Fit Rigid Trucker Jacket

  • Weight: 12 Oz.
  • Price: $68.00
  • Available at: Levi’s, Svpply

5. Jean Shop – Indigo Denim Jacket

  • Weight: 13.5 Oz.
  • Denim: Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • Made in: USA
  • Price: $280.00
  • Available at: Jean Shop

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Stay Raw!

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  • Sean Slater

    Flat Head make amazing jackets. They fade beautifully if you give ’em enough love…though I guess that can be said of anything.

  • Syd

    love the article, love jeans BUT other articles of clothing also get better wih age..Leather jackets,oxford cloth shirts, brushed cotton flannel shirts, some japanese twill shirts, some chinos the list could go on ….well made articles tend to get better as they age

    • Nick

      @411fe769e396ff637ae8e49b57092e10:disqus True that – couldn’t agree with you more.  Our focus here is raw denim, but of course many, many garments improve with age.  My pair of leather desert boots look better with every wear!

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  • Ricardo Lyons

    The levi trucker jacket is raw selvedge as well?

    • Adam Hart

      It’s not selvedge. I have one of these, and it’s fading slowly but surely. Not a bad jacket for under $70. Mine was made in the Dominican Republic. The one from China is darker with two colors of stitching instead of just one like mine. I’ve read reviews about the American one, and people say the difference in quality is not worth the huge price jump.

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