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The Shipwrights

The Shipwrights (source:

Earlier this week Dutch photographer & graphic designer, Joachim Baan, wrote a superb follow-up piece on the story of Lee denim donating free pairs of raw denim to all the shipwrights (ship builders) at a nearby shipyard.  These shipwrights specialize in creating and repairing traditional Dutch fishing vessels, botters”, which is very fitting considering how well matched their craftsmanship is with this denim.

Although we were unable to track down the exact denim model (will update soon) In particular, Lee gave 101- 1930, 1952, & 1966 model denim (special thanks to @anothercompany), Baan did a tremendous job of documenting his visit to the shipyard with photos included (see below).  As Baan explains,

Last year, my friends at Lee gave all the shipwrights a pair of unwashed jeans. One year later, a few pairs haven’t survived the hard work and though conditions, but a few aged like hell. Under a thick layer of oil, tar and paint, and patched together with extra ruler pockets the denim was hardly recognizable and almost look like waxed jeans. A beautiful setting for this original workwear.

Joachim Baan (05/10/2011)


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  • Jim March

    A lot of pants repair facilities have been closed down. Sad. People are too afraid of jean splicing.

  • Teddybearlumberjack

     did you get this from ?

    • Nick

      @07aadb228d1a88e32c851db74a2e7da9:disqus No, from Joachim Baan, who wrote the article (see additional resources above)

      • Teddybearlumberjack

        That’s cool I was just wondering because it was also on yesterday, and I was wondering if it was coincidence or not. No disdain either way, was sheerly curious.

        • Nick

           No worries at all, thanks for the comment.

  • Arie van den Berg

    Ha Joachim,
    Wonderful project and great oily Lee jeans. What happenen wit the Lee´s. Are they still at the owners or are they exposed in your store Tenue de Nimes in Amsterdam?
    I wonder how our Levi´s 501-1966 will look after 6 months of wear (project with Rotterdam Museum called ´Werkstijl´). 7 people in different jobs (carpenter, gardener, cyclist, fashion-designer, harbour-employee and me as a Levi´s-adept are asked to wear a rigid Levi´s 501 model 1966 daily during 6 months. Monthly pics will be made to expose in the museum.

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