How To Store Your Raw Denim Properly and Easily

How To Store Your Raw Denim

Maintain Your Raw Denim By Storing Properly

You’ve had to grind out another long day and the last thing you want to do is hang up your clothes, right?  So you ball up your t-shirt/shirt, denim, socks, undies, etc. and toss it on the ground to worry about later. Alright, just stop. Unless you could care less about the livelihood of your raw denim as well the time, money, and effort you’ve invested into them, it’s essential you take the time to store them properly.

Folded Denim

Don't you dare...

The risk you take of not storing your raw denim properly is not only will you muddle or straighten the creases (I’ve learned this the hard way), but it will also deteriorate the fabric and overall lifespan.  Just do yourself a favor and read on…

Treat your raw denim poorly and it may as well be a rug

Treat your raw denim poorly and it may as well be a rug


  • Dump on the floor
  • Fold in the midsection over a hanger
  • Hang by the hems

Two Quick Solutions

1.  Hang by the belt loops (below is actually how I store my raw denim – $5 unit from IKEA and 5 minutes of installation time)

2.  Hang via hangers with clips on the waist (more involved process, but very doable)

Do yourself a favor and follow one of the above method.  It’ll pay you dividends for years to come!

Additional Resources:

  • How-to guide on building your own clothing rack

Stay Raw!



A long-time denim enthusiast, Chad has spent the last year between a pair of Allevol and Naked & Famous jeans. In addition to contributing to, he also keeps busy with Sporting Charts.

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  • Suckmynuts

    dude, no offense, but i’ve worn the same pair of apc’s for three years now. Always just drop em on the floor where i take em off.

    Never had a single problem and the fades/progress hasn’t seen any damage.

    Wear your jeans more than you blog about them. Thats how to Raw denim.

    • Nick

      Hey mate – thanks for taking the time to read through and reply. That’s great you haven’t had any major issues with your raw denim by just dropping them on the ground.

      It’s a shame you didn’t leave your full email address – we’d love to chat more and hear any other feedback you might have. Or if easier, you could always leave a note on our Super Future thread – – or email us at info [at] rawrdenim [dot] com.

      True, wearing raw denim is more important than just blogging/writing about it. Fortunately, we’re able to do both at the same time :)

      Thanks again, hope to talk again soon.

  • yawn

    I bet your mom was pissed that you drilled holes in the wall.

  • No

    are you seriously taking this much time storing your denim??

    Fold em up, leave em on the floor, roll em into a ball, its all the same.

    I agree with suck my nuts, you need to wear your denim out and not just in a computer chair.

    Also, what are you, 16?

    • Raymond

      “Taking this much time”? How much time does hanging them on a loop, or with a hanger, really take? Maybe for people with motor disorders it takes an inordinate amount of time, but for the average person I’d imagine not. I also don’t see why it’s so out of the realm of possibility that someone would want to take care of clothing they spent hundreds of dollars on.

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  • Sperm

    also for awesome creasage alot of times ill poop in my raws then just let it percolate down the legs. I pay a grand for my japanese denim so I treat it right….with buttmud

  • Elevensixty

    I like to scrunch up my raws on purpose with the stacks going all the way up,
    But sometimes I hang them really careful,depends on my mood and I think that adds up to the end result :)

  • samgreene

    So much hate from people reading a blog on jeans! I imagine that hanging your jeans this way would help keep the creases opposed to flat folding them. I like the belt loop hanger. Seems like tossing them on the floor wouldnt be so bad, as long as they didn’t get compacted too badly. Nice site – thanks!

  • gr8gr33nz .

    Apc reason why u throw your denim on the floor.
    Buy some PBJ,samurai, Oni,Momotaros,etc.. I bet u think twice then.. Keep em clean not on the dirty ass floor.