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Rawr Denim Forum Redux – A New Age in Denim Discussion

One of the key fixtures of the Rawr Denim community has been our forum. For the past few years, thousands of our readers have discussed everything from denim evolutions to brand questions to the worst Kickstarter video on the internet. But the [...]

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Tender Co Type 007 Woad Dyed Socks

Before there was indigo, there was woad. Dyers all over Asia and Europe mashed and fermented Isatis tinctoria to make their fabrics blue from the Stone Age through the 1600s, when it was largely replaced by the

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The Raw Denim Sales Compendium: February 27

Denim sales come and go, which is why we’ve dug deep to compile a list of all the current raw denim special offers. This near-exhaustive list is posted every Friday, so if you nothing catches your eye this week check [...]

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Fade Friday – 3sixteen ST-120x (26 months, 0 washes, 0 soaks)

Wherever you are in the world, point your head towards California and take a deep breath in through your nose. Smell that? That’s these jeans. Reader Austin Nguyen has been wearing his 3sixteen ST-120’s everyday for over two years without a single wash or [...]

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Nudie Jeans x Oi Polloi Grim Tim Rainbow Warrior

If you’re the type of person that prefers rainbows ON their jeans instead of IN their jeans, then Sweden’s Nudie has the pants for you! Their Grim Tim Rainbow Warriors feature 14oz. of

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Levi’s Launches Selvedge Made In USA Collection

To commemorate 100 years with Cone Mills, America’s original denim maker, Levi’s recently launched their Made in USA collection using all selvedge denim. They’ve begun with their classic 501 Shrink-to-Fit jean in both men’s and women’s as well as their Sawtooth Denim Western Shirt. [...]

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Vintage Sewing Machines – The Complete Guide

The machine that often gets the bulk of the attention in the raw denim world is the Union Special 43200G chainstitch hemmer (see Self Edge’s above). We wanted to take a deeper look at some of the equally important vintage [...]

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Red Wing Heritage Foreman Chukka Boots

Newly added to their heritage line, Red Wing have introduced the Foreman Chukka. The last is the same as their Classic Chukka, but swaps out most of the details which accumulate to produce a version [...]

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Freenote Denim Jacket Front Flat

Freenote Cloth Raw Fleck 14 Oz. Riders Jacket Re-Release

As is the case with other niche categories of clothing, there are seemingly more options than ever these days for denim jackets. Many take design queues from Levi’s famed lineup of the Type I, Type II, and Type III trucker jackets (more recently including Left Field NYC [...]

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Project Show: Las Vegas Recap

Thousands of industry insiders converged upon the Las Vegas strip this past week for the handful of men’s trade shows. We made sure to see all the goodies over at Capsule and Liberty Fairs (look forward to those later this week), we were [...]

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