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Fade of the Day – United Stock Dry Goods Slight (13 Months, 1 Soak)

From the Windy City to Fade of the Day, this pair of United Stock Dry Goods Slight‘s are required reading for Fades 101. Cooper Thomas says, “In order to get great fades, you have to stop thinking about it.” That’s about as [...]

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Momotaro x Blue Owl Workshop BOM00X

Delving into double-digits, Momotaro and Blue Owl Workshop‘s collaboration marks the tenth installment in their ongoing series as well as the tenth anniversary of Momotaro. Dubbed the BOM00X, it uses Momotaro’s 15.7 oz. ‘Vintage Label’ fabric with 100% [...]

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The Weekly Rundown: A Look Inside Dawson Denim’s Workshop

There’s a ton of great stuff out there. And, while we would love to cover it all, we thought it best to just give it to you straight. Here’s The Weekly Rundown with the latest happenings from around the web. [...]

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The Sales Compendium: October 9

Sales come and go, which is why we’ve dug deep to compile a list of all the current special offers. This near-exhaustive list is posted every Friday, so if you nothing catches your eye this week check back with us [...]

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Fade Friday – Cheese Denim SF-09X (15 Months, 3 Washes)

It’s that time of the week again, and this week’s Fade Friday is one for the books. Rawr Denim reader Fazlan Sani wore this pair of Cheese Denim SF-09X‘s all the way to fade glory as his go-to pair of work jeans for a little [...]

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Fade of the Day – Pure Blue Japan xx-011 (1 Year, 4 Washes, 1 Soak)

We love a good Pure Blue Japan submission and these are no exception. Ian Lyu from South Korea has worn these for a year and if you’re wondering how he got them to look like they do, its simple– he just [...]

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END. Clothing x Trickers AW15 Shoes and Boots

Fans of fine English footwear have a ton of options to fill their shoe racks with the most recent collection of shoes from Trickers in collaboration with END. Clothing. The British bootmaker is all about the brogues as 31 [...]

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Eureka! Levi’s Answer to Corporate Creativity – White Oak Economy

We’ve all had experience with the world of big corporations, be it direct or otherwise, and the major pain point is how to maintain a creative, pioneering spirit whilst within a big business system. I’ve recently left conventional full time [...]

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Fade of the Day – Unbranded UB201 (19 Months, 4 Washes, 4 Soaks)

To get you through hump day, today’s Fade is a pair Unbranded UB201‘s submitted by Macsonn Chuah from Malaysia. As a graphic designer, Chuah sits for most of his day, which has produced solid whiskers and heavy fading at the thighs. The honeycombs are nicely stacked [...]

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Stephane Muller and Makoto Kawaii at Muller & Bros Exhibition

Muller & Bros. – 1930s – 1950s Inspired French and American Workwear

We all have our own reasons to prefer certain brands. These reasons develop as one’s taste matures with age and a better overall understanding of denim. Soon our attention starts getting drawn to details we didn’t really care when we [...]

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