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Rogue Territory Waxed Canvas Blanket Lined Supply Jacket

Rogue Territory has been coming out with amazing pieces season after season, amassing a deep and devoted following along the way (just check out the hashtag #rogueterritory on Instagram). One piece in particular that’s been a favorite amongst their fans is [...]

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Rawr Denim Halloween – Choose Your Own Adventure

BEWARE and WARNING! This Rawr Denim article is different from all other Rawr Denim articles, for YOU and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens. There are dangers, choices, adventures, and consequences–all based on your decisions! You will be required [...]

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Introducing Filson Restoration Department (FRD) – Restored and Renovated

We obviously love denim. We love it for its history and for the fact that it gets better with use. Brands that share this passion and use it to make quality goods are brands that we can get behind regardless [...]

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Viberg x Leffot G.F. Leather Boot – Upcoming Release

Eighty years of handcrafting and a refined approach to style have married the most essential elements of Viberg and Leffot to create the Viberg X Leffot G.F. Boot. Viberg celebrates a family heritage of work boot crafting, founded by Ed [...]

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Denimio x Pure Blue Japan Contest Kicks Off

After a handful of bumps in the road, not the least being a typhoon hitting Japan on the day of shipping, Pure Blue Japan and Denimio’s first denim competition officially commenced October 15. Contestants will be uploading as many [...]

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FEIT Wool Double Stitchdown Black and Cuoio Leather Shoes – Just Released

For you shoe lovers out there, you may already be familiar with the overachieving minimalists at FEIT. If the name is new to you, be assured that you won’t forget them. Self-described as a ‘neolouxury footwear and accessories brand,’ Feit crafts shoes by [...]

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Railcar Fine Goods Spikes X019 – Just Released

It all begins with carefully chosen fabrics, original cuts, and a small team of artisans in Arcadia, California.  Using rare vintage sewing equipment, Railcar Fine Goods ensures start to finish in-house production. [...]

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Matias Sandoval of MATiAS Denim – Exclusive Interview

Many brands these day play up their “heritage” as much as possible, how they revitalized some long forgotten production process or fabric to put the apparel industry back on the right track. Not so for Matias Sandoval of MATiAS Denim. Self described [...]

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Oak Street Bootmakers Chocolate Suede Campus Chukka – Just Released

Known for their domestically crafted footwear, Oak Street Bootmakers have just released a classic suede chukka with features that you might not notice…until you’re caught in the rain. Through collaboration with famed leather tannery Horween, they were able to produce a suede that’s [...]

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Big John Denim MA-1 Jacket – Just Released

The classic MA-1 jacket gets a Japanese interpretation in the latest release from Big John. Originally, the MA-1 was designed by the United States Air Force in the 1950s in the midst of aviation innovation as the jet plane was [...]

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