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Fade of the Day – Pure Blue Japan xx-011 (7 months, 1 wash)

Today’s fade comes to us from Instagram user twhattcomethru. All the way from the land down under, these PBJ‘s have attained the super contrast fades about which every denimhead dreams. DETAILS Name: Pure Blue Japan xx-011 Fabric: 100% cotton, Japanese selvedge denim [...]

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Dehen 1920 – The A Team for Varsity Jackets

If you played college or high school athletics in the last century, you may have worn a Dehen jacket without even realizing it. For the past ninety-five years, Dehen has made some of the best varsity jackets and cardigans on the [...]

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Fade of the Day – Naked & Famous Dirty Fade (10 months, 1 wash)

Today’s fade comes to us from reader Connor Bennett. There must be a method to this guy’s magic, but never in the world would I have ever considered throwing my jeans through the MICROWAVE. However, this Dirty Fade by Naked [...]

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Alden for Leffot Natural Chromexcel Captoe Boots

If Epaulet has a competitor in the Alden collab game, it’s Leffot. The West Village institution has been churning out some of the best makeups from the Massachusetts bootmaker for nearly seven years now, and [...]

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Fade of the Day – Imogene x Willie Barton Rigid (3 years, 10 washes)

Today’s fade comes to us from Instagram user nicholasbarnes. Nashville isn’t only the home of the Grand ole Opry, add this monumental pair of denim from Imogene + Willie to your sight-seeing list. DETAILS Name: Imogene + Willie Barton Rigid [...]

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Amsterdam Denim Days 2015 Returns April 13-18

The red-light city of Amsterdam is turning blue for the second annual Amsterdam Denim Days. You may remember our coverage from last year (part I and

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IDC x Doublewood Narrow 01 Jeans

International Design Collective has collaborated with some reputable denim names in the past including Rogue Territory and Naked & Famous. Today, through Canada’s own dutil. Denim, IDC releases their latest collaboration with Doublewood Denim. Stepping into the heavyweight ring, the collaborative jean, limited [...]

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Fade of the Day – Naked & Famous Elephant 4 Skinny Guy (7 months, 1 wash)

Today’s fade comes to us from Rawr Denim reader Ben Mosier. Hailing from the “Oil Capital of the World” (i.e. Tulsa, Oklahoma), this set of denim from Naked & Famous sure is slick and dark. DETAILS Name: Naked & Famous Elephant 4 Skinny [...]

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Roy Denim RT1002 Tapered Modified Jeans

Roy fans rejoice, for Self Edge is set to release a new model of the eponymous jean today. This time it uses the same meticulously engineered denim that was used for the previous pair of jeans, the Big Bro Round Two. The [...]

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March Sales Compendium

The Raw Denim Sales Compendium: March 27

Denim sales come and go, which is why we’ve dug deep to compile a list of all the current raw denim special offers. This near-exhaustive list is posted every Friday, so if you nothing catches your eye this week check [...]

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