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Levi’s Vintage Clothing x Unionmade 1947 501 Jeans

Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Unionmade have just released the 1947 501 jean. This exclusive is part one of a six item celebratory collaboration for the five year anniversary of Unionmade. Levi’s Vintage Clothing sources materials from their own archives to reproduce [...]

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Fade Friday – Nudie Gunnar Shirt Organic Dry (5.5 months, 1 wash, 1 soak)

If the photos from this week’s Fade Friday look a little familiar, relax, you haven’t gone denim crazy. They’re coming from Rawr Denim Forum user Zin, whose IH-666s were featured last [...]

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The Raw Denim Sales Compendium: Black Friday Edition

This week’s compendium is going to a be slightly different than usual. Due to the large number of Black Friday sales we won’t be listing individual products but rather the individual stores that have sales and what brands they carry. [...]

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Rawr Denim’s Thanksgiving Buckle Outfit

Today is the day we come together and celebrate the joining of Pilgrims and the Indians for Thanksgiving, at least it is in the United States. The Pilgrims had buckles–on their hats, shoes, belts, and probably a few other things–so [...]

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Momotaro 201 unsanforized fade

5 Pairs of Unsanforized Jeans for Under $250

With unsaforized jeans returning to popularity, we’ve found ourselves looking for a pair (or 5) that fall into the lower two tiers (Entry & Mid) of the raw denim world. The unsanforized denim game has mainly taken place in the [...]

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Nigel Cabourn 14 Oz. 1940’s Inspired Work Jeans

Vintage collector and British designer, Nigel Cabourn just released his 14oz. 1940’s Work Jean. Based in northeast England, Nigel Cabourn’s cult following for his outerwear will undoubtedly now expand to his denim work. The inspiration [...]

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Ruell and Ray Spence Slim Cone Mills 12oz Selvedge Denim

Following their collaboration with SoCal denim purveyors, Snake Oil Provisions, Georgia-based brand Ruell & Ray have recently released their Spence Slim jean with some tweaks. They’ve made some updates to their Spence slim fit and have given it more room in the thighs while slimming it [...]

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Know Your Soles: The 8 Most Common Options

If you haven’t heard the hacky salesman pitch about buying quality on what separates you from the earth, you’re about to hear it now, “Spend money on what goes between you and the ground: mattresses, shoes, tires, etc.” In footwear, [...]

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Red Wing x Greenwich Vintage Blue Decembers

Graffiti artist turned master cobbler, Tamas “Zen” Pomazi, creator of Greenwich Vintage, re-crafts shoes with his custom colored soles and gives old brogues, boots, and chukkas some modern personality. Customers will send him pairs of vintage shoes to re-sole in a [...]

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Naked & Famous x Miansai Denim Weird Guy Jeans

Naked and Famous and Miansai just released a collaborative project of an updated Weird [...]

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